Financial NewsBigShortFund token: Hunt or Be Hunted

BigShortFund token: Hunt or Be Hunted

  • A tale of Dumping Bitcoin and Pumping CO2 emission rights

Lombardy, Italy, 25 May 2021, ZEXPRWIREThe club deal of BigShort token always chooses to hunt. With the community spirit, it hunts for the cohort of inefficiency, injustice, and market deception.

BigShort token is a speculative club deal against bitcoin and its effect on the environment.  Bitcoin is a highly inefficient, energy-intensive technology with an exorbitant carbon footprint. Even Elon Musk, a well-known advocate of cryptocurrency, had changed his mind and reversed plans to accept bitcoin for vehicle payments. BigShort team believes that the drop in bitcoin’s value on Wednesday, May 19, is just the preamble for the forthcoming nosedive of its price. The real liquidity of bitcoin is very low indeed – a sale of just 150 bitcoin results in a 10% drop in the price. If you can destroy the market like that in the space of a couple of minutes, it is the perfect target for a speculative attack.

With the increasing popularity of BigShort beliefs, the token aims to catch the speculative wave and to speed up bitcoin’s collapse, thereby boosting BigShort token price to the green side of the moon.

On the other, green side of the coin, there is another asset class that grabbed BigShort community attention and has recently experienced an enormous price surge, namely CO2 emission rights. EU carbon prices have soared more than 260% in the last 12 months. It is unusual to find an asset class where almost every trader and analyst active in the sector agrees the price is set to rise. But that is the case in Europe’s carbon market, where analysts are projecting the price could more than double in the coming years.

The idea behind the BigShort token is to campaign for both the bitcoin crash and carbon prices raid and to speculatively catch both waves, as the token price should behave as if it was inversely proportional to bitcoin price and directly proportional to the price of CO2 emission rights allowances.

Within the long-term strategy, BigShort aims at serving as a digital asset. BigShort holders might prospectively consider setting up a SIF-like investment fund (Specialized Investment Fund) domiciled in Luxembourg to invest in renewable assets. If it gets accomplished, BigShort will have an intrinsic value as opposed to bitcoin.

About BigShortFund token

BigShort is a community-focused token with instant rewards for holders. It is based on a deflation model, which may additionally increase its future value thanks to the constantly decreasing supply. Every transaction of BigShort redistributes tokens to holders and adds liquidity to PancakeSwap. A 10% fee is charged per transaction, wherein 4% is redistributed to holders to increase their holdings and the value of their token investment. The other 3% is distributed to the BigShort wallet to speculate on securities that were chosen by the community. As of now, BigShort plans to take a short position in bitcoin and a long one in CO2 emission rights. 70% of investment returns from the 3% fee will be allocated to token buyback, which will inflate the token price. The last 3% goes to the charity wallet to offset the carbon footprint.

In the future, investment strategy might change and will be at the token community’s discretion. To gather a vibrant community and to build its leverage on financial markets, BigShort considers setting up a think tank on renewable investments, which would get broad financial markets’ attention.

BigShort plans to get listed on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, and BitPanda by the end of 2021. Given large interest in the project and the BigShort strategy of fragmented token holders (no whales), maximum investment is limited, while there is no minimum investment. BigShort does not plan any other token offerings in the future.

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