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MEXC Partnering with The BSC Station to Provide Excellent Services

Singapore, 8 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, MEXC is a centralized crypto exchange platform launched in 2018 to give crypto exchanging opportunities for investors. The platform provides some of the most excellent services in the crypto world, including futures, margin, spot, and derivatives trading. MEXC exchange has other services like an IDO launchpad and a Defi and POS staking option. 

This platform is currently among the top 10 most reliable crypto exchange networks taking over Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, and many more. Unlike many of those above, this platform provides a wide collection of investment assets and markets to help investors in portfolio investing. 

Recently, MEXC has been forging some excellent partnerships with top platforms to ensure it reaches global adoption. One such partnership is the MEXC-BSC station partnership. 

What is BSC Station?

The BSC station is a network developed as a Defi and NFT hub on the Binance smart chain. It has a 13 member team headed by Mr. Scotfield. This platform is a hub for all crypto services in the Binance smart chain network, providing a center for IDO launchpad, farming, staking, BSC swap, NFT auction, and NFT marketplace. 

The BSCS is a first of its kind in the Binance smart chain, thus will foster speedy growth in the BSC ecosystem of projects. By basing itself on BSC, the BSCS will enjoy the best services at favorable costs and a reliable, scalable network. 

MEXC Listed BSCS in Innovation Zone

Several weeks ago, the MEXC exchange platform listed the BSC station token BSCS in its innovation zone to attract investors and users globally. This involved a deposit and trading contest which began on the 27th of May 2021, up to the 30th of May. The idea was to ensure that $25k worth of BSCS was traded in the markets, $12k as deposits, and $13k as trades. 

This contest was a success, and on the 31st of May, MEXC announced winners, and the trading volumes of BSCS on the MEXC exchange network had grown vastly. The winners stand to receive various rewards which were already predetermined before the beginning of the game. 

This listing created a path for the forging of a new partnership between BSCS and MCX, which ultimately benefits both parties. 

MEXC-BSCS Partnership Benefits

The interaction between MEXC and BSCS is designed to help simplify the service provision of crypto in BSC. The BSCS will vastly benefit from the current wide reach of the MEXC network and the big-name owing to the great exchange capacity. 

Even more, due to MEXC’s wide reach, BSCS will be able to bring its services to all countries globally, and its tokens will be available for everyone. As the partnership solidifies, the trading volumes of the BSCS/USDT market found in the MEXC exchange will grow vastly. 

BSCS and MEXC both have IDO services; thus, their interaction will create a possibility of launching stronger projects, with those projects standing a chance of being listed on the MEXC exchange. 

MEXC will also benefit vastly from this new interaction with the BSCS. Since the BSCS is BSC-based, it will better understand and thrive in the Binance smart chain than MEXC. Due to the partnership, other BSC-based projects will know about the MEXC network and thus could choose to list their tokens in the exchange. 

As the MEXC network takes BSCS to a global level, The BSCS will help MEXC thrive on the Binance smart chain level. Therefore this partnership has vast benefits for both parties. 

The Future with MEXC

Recently, the MEXC network has been in serious business marketing and selling its projects worldwide. The platform has been forging some of the greatest partnerships with organizations and crypto platforms globally. Additionally, the platform has been working keenly with KOL in different countries, intending to ensure MEXC takes its first slot as the best exchange platform. 

As days unfold, we expect to see more MEXC partnerships which will help in streamlining the platform’s growth. Only by following them on their social media pages like Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook will you be able to get the updates as they unfold and share as MEXC takes crypto to the next level. 

Media Contacts – 

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