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Selection analysis of intelligent parking equipment

Shenzhen, China, 28th August 2021, ZEXPRWIREIn recent years, the development of the parking equipment industry has made the parking equipment have the characteristics of large volume, easy to use, high-speed safety, intelligent and fully automatic, etc., occupying an increasing proportion in the parking equipment industry. However, there are many types of intelligent parking management systems, and each type has its own characteristics. This article analyzes the characteristics of several mainstream intelligent parking equipments and proposes their applicable occasions.

The selection principle of equipment.

1. The principle of maximum capacity: reasonable site selection, convenient access to the car, ensure smooth operation of the garage, determine the type of parking equipment, and maximize the volume of the garage.

2. The principle of environmental coordination. On the basis of fully considering the safety and convenience of the garage, the coordination between the garage and the surrounding environment and the coordination with traffic should also be fully considered.

3. According to the functional requirements, the principle of reliability is adopted to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the garage.

Basic equipment technical requirements

1. The size of entrances and exits, berth size, personnel, and equipment safety of parking equipment must meet the “general safety requirements” of national standards.

2. If conditions permit, full consideration should be given to the charging requirements of new energy vehicles. Arrange the design plan (including plane parking spaces) at a ratio of not less than 10%, and take into account the combination of fast and slow charging.

3. The operation of the parking equipment needs to be combined with the intelligent system, and the operation of picking up the car is intuitive and convenient. With full consideration of unattended conditions, vehicle owners are allowed to operate by themselves.

4. For all underground parking equipment, consideration should be given to the moisture-proof and rust-proof treatment of steel structure, access mechanism and other equipment, and the electrical part should be guaranteed to operate in the environment with a humidity of more than 95%.

The types of automated parking management systems are mainly used in the intelligent parking equipment of plane moving type, vertical lifting type, and roadway stacking type.

Vertical boom equipment is usually called tower library, which is roughly divided into standard square tower library, car tower library, and round tower library according to its appearance.

Transliteration type is the most technically difficult, most intelligent, and most widely used type of parking equipment. Originally originated in Japan and Europe, after more than ten years of development, many different types have been derived, and the core technology is the planar mobile device. Therefore, the plane mobile category garage can be classified according to the form of the processing program. According to the time sequence of its appearance, it can be roughly divided into car plate type, comb type, telescopic type, manipulator holding type, ultra-thin manipulator holding type. Depending on the driving mode, operation mode, etc., the above five modes can also derive other different subdivision types.

The road sacker is similar to the plane moving machine, and basically works in the form of a transporter.

Features of various types of intelligent parking equipment

1. Vertical lift parking equipment.

Vertical lifting equipment has a high utilization rate of land area and is generally arranged on the ground. According to different parking requirements, different layers are configured. At present, the highest vertical lifting equipment in China has 50 floors and a height of up to 100m. It is located in Xi’an,China. Community. It can also be developed underground. The advantage of the all-underground vertical lifting equipment is that it has little impact on the surrounding lighting and landscape, but the civil construction costs are relatively large, so the application is not widely used. At present, the deepest underground equipment in China is in the Hangzhou Density Bridge parking lot. Inside, the total depth is about 33m.

Therefore, in some occasions where the land area is large, the appearance requirements are high, and the amount of access to vehicles is large, the round tower library is an ideal equipment.

2. Panning category parking equipment.

Translation equipment is generally installed on the ground, and the ground can also be installed. The plane layout is an efficient and widely used layout method. According to the number of parking spaces, there are generally 210 floors, and the number of elevators at the entrance and exit can also be increased or decreased according to the number of parking spaces. Generally, each floor of elevators corresponds to 5,080 parking spaces, and each floor is equipped with elevators. The parking position is also arranged longitudinally, and the elevator is also arranged in the middle lane. These layouts are suitable for smaller areas and only suitable for specific terrain.

The translation classification is mainly classified according to the shape of the translation tool, and the measurement or selection of the translation tool is mainly considered from the following aspects:

  1. The deactivation range not only refers to the length and width but also refers to the vehicle’s quality, wheelbase, and other indicators.
  2. Moving speed/car access efficiency, mainly assesses the length of time used in the process of car access.
  3. The space utilization rate is high, and the lifting height is too high, resulting in a waste of space.
  4. Failure rate and repair-ability.
  5. Safety means whether it is possible to stop safely and whether it causes damage to the tires or other parts of the car.

3. Carrier-type tablet-type mobile device.

As the earliest form of plane movement, since the vehicle is parked on the pallet, the carrier will carry the pallet. Therefore, its biggest advantage is stability and reliability, and will not cause damage to the vehicle. In addition, there are no restrictions on parking vehicles. , It can also cope with overweight vehicles.

But the shortcomings of the same period are also more obvious, because every time a car is picked up, there is an empty car operation, and the efficiency of picking up the car is relatively low. Considering the time for clearing the warehouse, therefore, the number of cars in a single warehouse does not exceed 50. Below, the vehicle suitable for parking has higher requirements, and it is more suitable to move the slab plane when picking up the car.

Planar moving device with comb teeth.

In order to avoid the noise generated by the cargo slab conveyor belt when it is empty, a loop-free empty slab conveyor belt has been developed. The clear height is generally 1950mm. Therefore, its single garage can accommodate 80 to 100 parking spaces.

And the telescopic comb is an upgraded product developed from the comb. Its biggest feature is that the net height of each layer can be reduced to about 1780mm, but its internal structure is more complicated and requires higher assembly requirements. At present, this type of domestic product The equipment mainly depends on imports.

The disadvantage of the comb tooth device is that because it has a tooth shape, every parking space has a tooth shape. For vehicles parked for a long time, tire damage is inevitable.

4. Manipulator gripping plane movement.

5. This is a new type of equipment developed based on solving the shortcomings of comb teeth. In terms of efficiency, it is basically the same as a comb, but its parking space is flat, so it can provide better protection for the car. But its disadvantage is that it has higher requirements for the height of the floor. Generally, the net height of each floor of this equipment is about 1800mm. Therefore, for multi-layer underground translation equipment, the price of soil construction will be higher.

6. The claws of the ultra-thin manipulator are designed on the basis of the previous, making the claws thinner and basically controlled within 100mm. Therefore, the height of each layer can be controlled below 1700mm. Technically, it is one of the most advanced flat-panel mobile devices. Its parameters can meet the requirements of most vehicles on the market, with stable operation and high efficiency. Suitable for large-scale intelligent parking equipment.

5. Road stacking parking equipment.

For transitional equipment with one handling tool on each floor, the cost will be relatively high. In this case, the use of stacking tools can effectively reduce the cost. But at the same time inefficient

6. Other. In recent years, in addition to the above-mentioned types of equipment, AGV parking robots have gradually been applied to the parking industry. The vehicle is driven on the guided path, parked on level ground, and can be sent to the ground through an auxiliary hoist. This series of products is suitable for medium or large areas, where export is restricted on the ground. Each group of system parking garages can be set up according to needs. The AGV parking garage robot is not restricted by the track. It can also maximize the use of space for irregular underground spaces. Multiple AGV parking garages can be configured in any designated area to improve access to vehicles efficiency.

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