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‘Animal Token’ Launched to Help People in Helping Animal Shelters

  • Animal Token – a project designed to help homeless animals – with the main goal of providing all possible help to animal shelters and protection to homeless animals has been launched. 

Tallinn, Estonia, 31 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, It is without a doubt that shelter is one of the basic needs of animals just like humans. Whether it is a bear that needs a cave to safely hibernate, or a bird that wants to build a nest to raise it’s young, all of them need shelter – which is why animal shelters play a crucial role in our society as they continuously work to help those in need and arrange new homes for lost animals or for those animals that, for human’s own security, should not be roaming around in streets. We wouldn’t need animal shelters if it were a perfect world, but since it’s not – all of us have a duty to support animal protection and health. 

The more support we can provide, the easier it will be for these shelters to realize their goal of helping the maximum animals possible. This is exactly why Animal token is launched in the first place – to help people in helping the animal shelters. To be specific, this project provides charitable activities to existing shelters, helps build new shelters around the world and assists in animal adoption.

The animal token – named as STRAY – is designed to support the targeted assistance to shelters, a specific animal or its adoption. The platform involves the addition of funding objects by community members, as well as voting on the distribution of the budget. Also, NFT tokens with photos and video materials of real animals will be traded on the platform. The funds from the sale of such tokens will purposefully go to the maintenance of a particular animal, and the owner of the token will be the trustee of this animal.

Initially, the Animal Token will be placed on the decentralized Pancake Swap exchange. The project management also plans to bring the STRAY token to centralized trading platforms. The project token will also be added to the main listings and aggregators of both DeFi and crypto projects. 0.3% of the fees from each transaction will be credited to the charitable wallet, 0.2% will be passed to the developers to pay for the team’s activities and the biggest part – 0.5% from each transaction will be distributed among the token holders. 1000 million STRAY coins will be issued initially out of which 10% will be distributed as incentives for token holders in the first 6 months of launch. 10% will be used for marketing, while 20% each will be allocated to future charitable assistance to shelters and burnt tokens. The remaining, biggest chunk of 40% will be kept in liquidity pool.

Sounds pretty interesting, right? Well, that’s not the best part. The most important aspect of this project is the development of the 2-Stray platform – one of its kind platform that is innovative and interactive. It allows users to select a pet and provide financial assistance directly to the shelter where it is housed. Moreover, users can exchange private messages and take part in voting which will result in selection of objects of financing. Not just that, any member of the community will be able to offer a financing object through a special section. And most importantly, the users will be able to help a particular animal, and take it into care by buying STRAY tokens.

Closing Thoughts

With 6-8 million dogs and cats being admitted to shelters every year, animal shelters are a vital requirement of the community and their support and protection is the need of the hour. In today’s technological world, what’s better than using the most in-demand and latest technology for this benevolent cause? Animal crypto token aims to develop a community of people united by the idea of helping homeless animals, developing shelters and adopting animals. The project is reliable and transparent since the smart contract code is posted publicly on their GitHub page and has passed a comprehensive audit verifying its proper operation.

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