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New Concept Meme Token Is Here, Earn Passive Cake Rewards through Golden Kitty Cake on the Binance Smart Chain Network!

Tallinn, Estonia, 6 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Golden Kitty Cake is inspired from the Waving Lucky Cat of the Chinese/Japanese community. It was believed that the figurine will bring good fortune and luck to the owners. Now, it is Golden Kitty Cake’s turn to bring you tons of fortune through its CAKE token.

Golden Kitty Cake provides you a real chance to earn CAKE token daily. Our Cake Bank utilities, which is filled up with Cake Rewards that allows all holders to claim their CAKE token in the Cake Bank, where the amount varies daily. The more GKCAKE you hold, the more CAKE token you’ll earned! Aside from that GKCAKE also has a security insurance features, when a whale dumps occurs, it will be triggered automatically, to bring back the price.

$GKCAKE – Cake Bank

The Golden Kitty Cake project is built through the Binance Smart Chain on the BEP20 $GKCAKE token. Our Cake Bank is a CAKE reward pool that is constantly filled with Cake Rewards from 4% Buy Transaction, 7% Sell Transaction, and 10% Transfer between GKCAKE holders, in the same time you get to claim your CAKE reward daily depending on the amount of GKCAKE that you hold from the total supply. An example if you are holding 5% of the GKCAKE liquidity and the reward pool has 10,000 CAKE, your reward will be 500 CAKE. Simple as that, but please take note that if you fail to claim your CAKE token, you are not able to stake it for the following day.

The BSC network setup the perfect foundation for our token to thrives where the vastly enhanced security and lower gas fees will encourage holders to drive the community rise among the other meme tokens.

$GKCAKE – Cake Insurance

Cake Insurance is our preventive measures against massive dumps. Right from the get go, about 5% from the total Raise of the Presale will be INJECTED into the Cake Bank Insurance as an initial safety net amounting to 35 BNB. The Cake Insurance will be activated when the whales dump and the chart dropped to almost 50-70% from the ATH within the first 3 days.

The CAKE BANK Insurance is also set to be transparent, where everyone can assess the amount of the Insurance wallet and none of the amount inside the insurance wallet can be taken out until it is fully utilized.

The Cake Bank and the Cake Insurance is the 2 main features of the token. Aside from a great community, Golden Kitty Cake is here to reach to more target audience. From the Crypto community, to the normal civilians, our community-driven project is a project that solely care about the community welfare.

Golden Kitty Cake Roadmap

The Golden Kitty Cake were built by sincere and transparent developers that has invested heavily on marketing to hit 10,000 members right before they launch, only huge exciting marketing and roadmap ahead for their community. Upcoming milestones include:

  • Smart Contract Audit: A complete Dessert Finance Audit is completed right before presale, while Techrate Audits & Certik Audit has their audits ongoing for security & peace of mind of its users.
  • 700 HC Presale Filled within 30 mins: $GKCAKE tokens ongoing a whitelist and public presale which both are filled within minutes.
  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Listing: Complete data along with current pricing will be available on world-renowned token tracking platforms CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
  • CoinTiger exchange listing: Announcement to be listed on an exchange were being made way before token launch, and will be listed soon after the launch.
  • Celebrities and Influencer Support: Heavily inspired from several influencers around the world, the token has reach out to different community to make their presence known.

$GKCAKE Token Sale

Powered by its BEP20 $GKCAKE, this luck-bearing token can be purchased on the PancakeSwap. There are a total of 1 trillion $GKCAKE, 70% of the token had been fulfilled through the Presale of 700 Hardcap. The rest of the tokens got locked for marketing. Along with this, the $GKCAKE tokenomics have a unique tax system. Every buy will be taxed 7% and every sell has a 16% tax, this is to empower the marketing and development of the platform.

Check out more about the Golden Kitty Cake here:

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