Financial NewsMEXC Global Forges Partnership with DeFi Service Provider Unicrypt

MEXC Global Forges Partnership with DeFi Service Provider Unicrypt

Singapore, 8 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Global crypto exchange MEXC has partnered with Unicrypt to help users access the expansive suite of decentralized tools offered by the Unicrypt network. The collaboration is a huge adoption milestone for both parties and will be fundamental for the continued development of the DeFi ecosystem.

Unicrypt will benefit from investment funding from MEXC to expand its unique services/protocols and enable more users to benefit from the booming DeFi space. The platform will also access MEXC Global’s ever-growing user base that moves an immense amount of daily trading volume.

The Unicrypt team is excited to start working closely with MEXC.

“This newly-established collaboration will foster the growth and evolution of both Unicrypt and MEXC platforms and benefit both communities at a larger scale. The partnership also empowers Unicrypt to expand its robust, automated and trustless crypto services to the Asian market. Expect us!” said Antoine Chaveron (aka Chav), Unicrypt’s co-founder.

According to Katherine Deng, MEXC Global’s VP – “MEXC believes in continuous evolution and collaborations which always improve quality. We’ve started 2021 at a steady and intense pace, aiming for the top and setting standards for others. Our partnership with Unicrypt shows that we don’t plan on changing that in the foreseeable future”

On its part, MEXC will benefit from the partnership by exploring the thousands of exciting projects building on the Unicrypt ecosystem. MEXC will provide these upcoming projects with potential collaborations with multiple chains such as Solana, Polygon, and Avalanche Network.

Unicrypt: Pioneering Innovative Tools and Services for Defi

Unicrypt is a multi-chain provider for DeFi projects that introduces a new and exciting range of decentralized services. The platform offers exciting yield farming services that allow DeFi investors to earn passive income from their holdings in a fully automated manner.

Unicrypt also offers a conducive base for upcoming projects to launch quickly without the hassle of conducting listings. Projects hosted on Unicrypt have to lock liquidity on the launchpad’s liquidity lockers on Uniswap (or any of the other supported AMMs, such as PancakeSwap). This approach instills trust in DeFi by guaranteeing investors that project developers cannot orchestrate a rug pull within the liquidity lock period. Of course, individual research is still needed (DYOR).

Unicrypt was established in June 2020, and the platform found inspiration from Hayden Adams, Uniswap founder. Unicrypt has now enjoyed increased public adoption. The platform proves its trustworthiness, with over 7,000 DeFi ventures locking upwards of $480M in the liquidity lockers.

MEXC: A Highly Secure and Efficient Trading Platform

MEXC Global is a centralized exchange offering quality crypto services to over 6 million users worldwide. The platform relies on high-end transaction matching tech to provide traders with unparalleled efficiency and speed (1.4 million transactions per second).

The Singapore-based exchange has experts with vast experience in the FinTech and blockchain sectors. The platform bolsters security and guarantees optimal data integrity by using independently hosted server clusters in South Korea and Singapore. 

Media Contacts –

Contact Name — Alson, CMO
Email — [email protected]
Company — MEXC Global

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