Financial NewsTomi Token Announces First-of-its-Kind NFT Access to Token Sale

Tomi Token Announces First-of-its-Kind NFT Access to Token Sale

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 9, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Tomi, “a decentralized coin that aims to power scalable projects with transformational impact on communities, regions, and the world” , as stated on their website, has just launched its first NFT that enables owners early access to the first presale round.

Tomi further elaborated by creating 5 different artistic and unique NFTs, with 1,500 copies of each, totaling 7,500 pieces. The NFTs will be launched on the OpenSea marketplace, and subsequently the TOMI Token will have 5 presale rounds before the public sale on Uniswap on September 21, 2021. Simply put, the NFTs primarily provide access to the presale, but they will have additional future uses as well, which TOMI will be revealing at a later date. 

NFTs – A Tool for Market Stabilisation? 

The proceeds from the NFT sales are not collected as profit – all proceeds from NFT sales will be re injected into TOMI’s liquidity and market cap at the beginning of the public sale, ensuring that the TOMI token’s price will start higher in the public sale round than where it ended in the last round of the presale. This represents an innovative approach to fundraising, whereby some additional guarantees are made for investors.


Tomi DAO was created in 2021, and even though it is young it has quite few big project announcements put out there, besides Tomi Token.

“We will launch the TomiFundMe Platform to help nourish business ideas on their way to change the world for the better. Anyone can create a profile to share their ideas and how it will be beneficial to the world. All transaction fees earned from the Uniswap smart contract and TOMI swap platform will be given to businesses and people that TOMI token holders pick.”, the Tomi Team stated.

Based on the provided timeline, before TomiFundMe, other Tomi brand products will be launched soon like TOMI Swap and TOMI Staking, and in the near future, the TOMI Blockchain. The TOMI team also spoke about the meaning of the Tomi ecosystem:

“We wanted to create something different, something tangible, and not reserved for strictly crypto fans. Yes, cryptocurrency is a central part of this infrastructure, but we like to say that common people are in the center of this ecosystem. So far, people show big interest in this NFT-as-a-ticket approach, attracting people with versatile interests, so we are very optimistic”.

To find out more about how Tomi is changing the world of blockchain, or to grab your TOMI NFTs today, visit

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