Financial NewsIntroducing Snailana, the Hottest NFT on Solana Network, Launching...

Introducing Snailana, the Hottest NFT on Solana Network, Launching September 17th 2021

Snailana NFT will Launch on Solana on September 17th, 2021. The project is touted to be one of the hottest NFT launches this summer.

17th September 2021, Tallinn, Estonia: Snailana are collectible computer-generated NFTs stored on the Solana Blockchain, the collection consists of 6,174 unique Snails with distinguishable traits that have landed on planet earth. These snails require transportation towards the Solana Chain Planet. By minting one (or more) everyone will own a unique Snail with evidence of ownership recorded on the Solana Blockchain.

A racing platform built on the Solana blockchain, allows users to put their Snails to the test against other Snailana owners in a custom-made racing game, whilst a breeding platform built on the Solana blockchain allowing Snailana owners to breed/match their Snails with other Snailana owners Snails!

Finally, there is Snailana Tinder – a social platform for holders to interact and meet likeminded singles in the Snailana community. The platform also creates a groundbreaking idea within the NFT space, where each snail launched on the Snailana platform has a unique DNA and doubles as a limited-edition NFT drop, with NFTs at launch initially limited to 6,174 snails. They even provide users with an inexpensive platform to manage their NFT(s) and a launchpad to earn additional income.

Snailana’s Racing & Staking Games + Other Features

All adopters are invited to take part in the Snail Race, and to ensure all snails are well-trained and fit to fly in space, the Snailana species rewards the holders with a percentage of the royalty to the top 5 racers after each Snail Race.

  • A requirement to take part in the Snail Race is to be a holder of a Snailana NFT
  • A weekly tournament game with roughly 100 participants will be hosted
  • Top 5 racers will be rewarded with a percentage of the royalty received
  • Depending on the number of people that hold the cards, we may be able to adjust to appease the audience or through a community vote

Snailana also contains some other innovative features not previously seen in NFT projects, including: 

  • Farm/Hatchery :The platform includes a virtual farm / hatchery where users can breed, groom, and nurture their snail, with the goal of improving its performance in races.
  • Snailana Tinder :Snail Tinder exclusively for adopters to mingle with the single and possibly find a Solmate.

Mint Information :

There will be 6,174 algorithmically generated, unique, cute & collectible Snail NFTs minting on the 21st September 2021, 3pm UTC. Each snail will be minted for only 1.5 SOL.

Snailana Team

Snailana has a team of developers, designers, marketers, and community / public relations staff who are working tirelessly to establish, grow, and maintain the Snailana community. Their goal is to develop gaming staking mechanisms on the Solana Ecosystem, beginning with Snail-themed games that allow players to bet SOL to win the pot.

To find out more information, visit the website, or check out the socials:

Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Reddit | Instagram 

Media Contact Details

Contact Name: Starkess

Contact Email: [email protected]

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