Press ReleaseNORDEK – A Disruptive Payment and Gaming Blockchain Announces...

NORDEK – A Disruptive Payment and Gaming Blockchain Announces IEO on Coinstore Exchange.

Dubai, UAE, Feb 23, 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, NORDEK, A blockchain infrastructure and ecosystem for payments and gaming solutions has finally disclosed its decision to go live on Coinstore exchange, one of Singapore’s leading crypto exchanges with the $NRK token.

The $NRK token sale is set to leverage the exchange’s launchpad on the 14th of march, 2023 for its token offering. At a price point 0.025 USD, users can buy the $NRK token and become a part of the fast-growing NORDEK community.

A Quick View Of Nordek Blockchain

Popular blockchains are one-size-fits-all. When blockchains are designed to address specific problems and use cases, process optimization (scaling, security, go-to-market time, simplicity, ease) and innovation are better enabled and accelerated. NORDEK has been specially optimized to serve these purposes.

Global Payment Industry

It expands the use cases of crypto beyond exchanges, wallets, and DAOs into real-world market settlements. In a bid to blur the gap between traditional banking and crypto and allow people to do more with crypto, it has launched two payment solutions; Norpay and Norflix, and leaves behind infrastructures and templates for co-builders to leverage on its blockchain.

Norpay is the Nordek crypto (prepaid) MasterCard that lets you liquidate/use crypto as cash anywhere and anytime without having to convert first—And lets you pay via POS, ATMs, etc directly. Norflix; a Nordek crypto voucher service also allows you to book flights, recharge airtime, and bundle and set up loyalty programs using the $NRK token. 

This is set to disrupt the crypto industry as NORDEK is on the mission to become the household crypto name, bridging the wide gap between Web3 and Web2 payments. 

That’s not all. It also has several white-label infrastructures to minimize go-to-market time or enable the immediate launch of custom swaps, exchanges, bridges, NFT marketplaces, launchpads, and wallets.

Gaming Industry

Promising gaming projects have failed technically and fundamentally because they lack the right ecosystem to build. The NORDEK gaming hub is honed to deliver fast throughput and development efficiency via solid infrastructure, templates, and push in the form of funding, launching pad, and smart contract audit. Developers can also earn by code monetization and by becoming platform validators of the platform.  

Join the $NRK token launch on the 14th of March to be part of a blockchain revolution and grow alongside the ecosystem as it progresses to break payment and gaming barriers and pushes into mainstream adoption. 


Nordek is designed to be friendly for blockchain and non-blockchain developers alike. The stack is interoperable and compatible with the EVM ecosystem while still enabling the business needs of regular businesses wishing to utilize this disruptive technology.

For more information, please refer to the NORDEK website and subscribe to all social Media Handles.

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