Press ReleaseAI GameToEarn Announced Oversubscription of Whitelisting Event

AI GameToEarn Announced Oversubscription of Whitelisting Event

Zagreb, Croatia, May 10, 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Exordium’s AI GameToEarn, a young and growing Web3 gaming platform, has announced it reached oversubscription in its whitelisting event.

This event allows users to join a growing ecosystem and get their hands on exclusive NFTs, earning multiplicators and bonuses. 

The platform uses blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and NFTs to ensure players have a fair, transparent, and user-friendly experience. At the same time, they can monetize their gaming skills and earn real money by playing games.

The Chances to Join a Growing Ecosystem So Early are Growing Thinner

With the whitelisting period now underway, the chances to join this growing ecosystem are quickly thinning. The team has already announced the oversubscription of the whitelist, and the community continues to grow. This means that those interested in participating will need to act quickly if they want to secure a spot.

Crypto enthusiasts may stake their AI NFT to earn up to $1,000 a month and join this fast-growing network. AI GameToEarn allows everyone to compete for a guaranteed $100,000 prize pool in the first month on the leaderboard.

Anyone wishing to join this exclusive network need only buy the AI NFT for $188.88 and join the community of over 50,000 members that came together in the past ten days. With such a competitive and fast-growing ecosystem, crypto fans will probably act quickly before these spots disappear.

The Features that Caught Everyone’s Attention

Exordium’s AI GameToEarn platform has quickly become one of the most talked-about gaming platforms in recent times. This is due to its unique combination of thrilling gameplay and cryptocurrency rewards.

The platform leverages blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and NFTs to provide users with a secure, transparent, and user-friendly experience.

What stands out about this project are the features that have caught everyone’s attention:

  • AI NFTs with earning multiplicators and bonuses;
  • Beta Platform Coins (BPC) packages for registered users;
  • Staking options for BPC tokens;
  • Five tiers with different opportunities to earn a rate multiplication factor;
  • Unique attributes for each AI NFT offer players a personalized gaming experience.

All these features make Exordium’s AI GameToEarn an exciting yet rewarding gaming platform backed by reliable blockchain technology.

About AI GameToEarn

Exordium, a leading game developer with over ten years of expertise, created AI GameToEarn. This platform AI to enhance users’ gaming skills and help them earn money while playing their favorite games. 

AI GameToEarn offers PC and mobile players an enjoyable gaming experience within the Web3 sector. With over 15 casual games already released and 100+ prototypes created, Exordium has become a popular name in the field. It even achieved 20 million downloads for one game, showcasing its commitment to delivering top-notch product updates.

The whitelisting event’s overbooking shows the team’s success in creating an exclusive setting letting customers make money by playing games. This is excellent news for the team, but the time to join this fast-growing group is running out.

Exordium’s AI GameToEarn is a must-try for blockchain gamers due to its thrilling gameplay and crypto rewards.

The whitelist application deadline is May 15th at 00:00 CEST, so the time to take advantage of this opportunity is quickly running out. Two hours later, the crypto community will know the whitelist winners and the minting whitelist will begin May 15th at 18:00 CEST.

On May 16th (10:00 CEST), those who did not make it to the whitelist will get a minting chance right before the public round begins. The official round will open on May 17th (02:00 CEST) and close a few hours later, at 18:00 CEST.

With 2,000 seats initially available, AI GameToEarn went well above 4,000 registrations in a matter of days. Anyone wishing to sign up for the whitelist process can refer to the Zealy link shared by the team.

Those wishing to learn more about this project can visit its official website to stay updated on all new developments. The following social media accounts are also useful for staying informed and joining the community.

Twitter | Discord | Telegram | YouTube

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