Press ReleaseFloin Introduces Regulated and Secure Crypto Platform with Upcoming...

Floin Introduces Regulated and Secure Crypto Platform with Upcoming Marketplace for Vetted Tokens 

  • Floin, a registered VASP in Liechtenstein, announces its upcoming marketplace for vetted tokens and highlights the ongoing private phase of the ICO. 

Vaduz, Liechtenstein, July 7, 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Floin, a registered Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) from Liechtenstein, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its Marketplace for vetted tokens, solidifying its position as a safe and transparent platform for digital asset investing. The release is scheduled for Q3 2023.

Following the regulatory approval granted by the Financial Market Authority (FMA) in February 2023, Floin has quickly established itself as a trustworthy neo-finance institution. The platform currently offers a secure wallet, with additional features such as an NFT marketplace, fiat wallet, and VISA cards with Apple and Google Pay in the pipeline. These developments pave the way for Floin’s momentous venture into the world of vetted security tokens, where it aims to democratize investing by bringing real-world assets to the blockchain. 

Marc Weber, CEO of Floin, expressed his vision for the platform, stating, “The term ‘FinTech’ is composed of two words: Finance and Technology. Nine out of ten crypto startups do not have the human resources capable of managing a financial institution. I’m a firm believer that quality always prevails, and that’s exactly what’s happening now. Floin perfectly embodies that change by introducing an entirely new approach to this business sector. We focus primarily on Security Tokens and are developing a review system that will feature only fully regulated, qualitative tokens, that meet the highest standards.“ 

Established in Liechtenstein, renowned for its stringent regulatory environment, Floin adheres to the highest industry standards. The platform lists only vetted security tokens that have undergone rigorous scrutiny, ensuring users have access to trustworthy and quality investment opportunities. 

Key features of the Floin platform include a user-friendly interface that prioritizes simplicity and ease of use. Floin’s clean and minimalistic design provides users with an intuitive experience, empowering them to navigate efficiently and locate desired features effortlessly. Additionally, Floin’s advanced security measures, reviewed and audited by Halborn, guarantee the utmost protection for users’ digital assets. 

Floin is currently in the private phase of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), offering users the opportunity to purchase its utility token, Floin Token (FLTK), at an attractive price. Once the ICO is completed, FLTK holders will benefit from various advantages, including fee discounts and early access to Security Token Offerings (STOs). 

Floin’s commitment to transparency is reflected in its readily available resources. Interested individuals can access the company’s Brochure, Tokenomics, and Whitepaper on the official website, specified below. 

A few more words about Floin 

Floin, a brand of The Finest Token AG, is a fully regulated and compliant crypto platform based in Liechtenstein. With a focus on security tokens and a commitment to transparency, Floin provides users with a safe and intuitive platform for digital asset investments. Its upcoming Marketplace for vetted tokens aims to bring real-world assets to the blockchain, revolutionizing the way investments are made in a secure and transparent environment. 

For more information about Floin and its revolutionary platform, please visit or send an email to [email protected]

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