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Jalinga wins Communication Technology of the Year at the 2023 AV Awards 

  • Celebrating Technological Advancements in Education

DUBAI, UAE, November 30, 2023, In an era marked by rapid technological advancement, the significance of technology in education cannot be overstated. The AV Awards play a pivotal role in recognizing outstanding achievements in the audio-visual realm. Today we celebrate Jalinga’s triumph in the Communication Technology of the Year category. This victory not only signifies recognition within the industry but also sheds light on the transformative impact of Jalinga’s innovations in educational video production.

Jalinga’s Victory at the AV Awards

The AV Awards provide a prestigious platform for acknowledging technologies that profoundly influence society. The Communication Technology of the Year category emphasizes the critical role of communication in education.

Jalinga’s success in this category is a milestone at the intersection of technology and education. Their commitment to innovative solutions, particularly in educational video production, has redefined the landscape.

Jalinga’s triumph can be attributed to their groundbreaking developments, such as the interactive transparent touch board and proprietary software used in Jalinga video studios. These technologies have not only streamlined the filming process but have also automated aspects of video production, allowing educators to focus on creating content.

The impact goes beyond awards; Jalinga’s technologies actively enhance education. The touch board fosters real-time interaction, transforming traditional lectures into dynamic, engaging experiences. Jalinga’s video studios are equipped with advanced features that redefine efficiency in educational video production.

About Jalinga

Jalinga is an international vendor that produces, sells and rents turnkey video studios designed for shooting educational courses, recording lectures and hosting webinars. Jalinga is not an ordinary video glass board but a full-featured hardware and software system with patented features which are unavailable to analogues. 

What makes Jalinga Studio special is that it gives the user complete autonomy. You do not need help when recording because the process is very simple: turn on the studio, start filming, shoot your videos, and stop filming. That’s all!

Moreover, Jalinga is not just a tool for recording video, it is also a way of online communication: the studio can be used for hosting webinars, live broadcasts and meetings. All interactive functions work the same way in the meantime.

More than 300 Jalinga studios have been installed in educational institutions and offices around the world. Each year, nearly 6,000 hours of video are shot in Jalinga’s studios. 

Jalinga was not only honoured by the AV Awards: in 2023 alone, the company also received awards at InfoComm (Best of Show Winner in the Tech & Learning Category), Education 2.0 (Outstanding Leadership Award for Jalinga’s CEO) and ISE (Here’s the Future Award).

Jalinga’s Technological Innovations

At the heart of Jalinga’s success are their technological innovations, designed to elevate the educational video production experience. The interactive transparent touch board stands out as a dynamic tool for educators, facilitating real-time interaction and creating immersive learning experiences.

Complementing their hardware, Jalinga’s proprietary software simplifies the technical aspects of filming, introducing intelligent features for seamless editing. Their commitment to automating the filming process ensures a consistent and professional outcome, saving you time and helping you create high-quality educational content.

Jalinga’s adaptability to diverse educational settings sets them apart. Their technologies cater to traditional classrooms, online courses, and hybrid learning environments, providing educators with a versatile toolkit for delivering content.

Applications in Educational Settings

Jalinga’s innovations find practical application in various educational settings, enhancing both traditional and online learning experiences. The touch board enriches classroom interactivity, transforming lessons into dynamic engagements. In online education, Jalinga’s technologies bridge the gap between physical and virtual classrooms by allowing educators to create interactive online content.

Jalinga never stops inventing new solutions to meet the daily challenges of teachers. Jalinga Quick and Jalinga Classroom, the company’s latest innovations, promise to further enhance the teaching and learning experience. Jalinga Quick is designed for educators seeking a swift and intuitive content creation platform, while Jalinga Classroom lets teachers combine online and offline lessons.

Jalinga’s victory at the AV Awards and their technological innovations underscore the transformative role of technology in education. As we explore the future trajectory of Jalinga’s technologies, it becomes evident that their commitment goes beyond recognition – it’s about continually pushing the boundaries of educational technology to shape the future of learning.

Media Contact:

Company: Jalinga

Contact person: Alexandra Shtirbu

Country: Dubai, UAE

SOURCE: Jalinga


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