Press ReleaseKingdom of ANTs Will Launch Solana-Powered Platform, Making DeFi...

Kingdom of ANTs Will Launch Solana-Powered Platform, Making DeFi Easy and Fun for All

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 23rd January 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Kingdom of ANTs (KOA) aims to revolutionize the DeFi space in 2024. With a gamified platform and a sustainable, long-term APY, they aim to make DeFi accessible, fun, and rewarding.

KOA wishes to change the game using Solana for a faster and smoother user experience. With the integration of AI, users can also expect optimized returns and help with complex DeFi functions. 

In this context, staking will also play a pivotal role for crypto enthusiasts, as it will enable them to earn a passive income in crypto. The project will also launch a collection of 10,000 NFTs that will enhance the user experience. 

Changing DeFi Leveraging the Solana Competitive Advantage

KOA will launch its innovative, Solana-based DeFi platform in January 2024. The team has meticulously built and perfected every aspect, from tokenomics to user experience, over the last 18 months. 

KOA chose Solana for multiple reasons, such as:

  1. Using Solana’s technology allows for faster transactions and lower user fees. Ultimately, this feature makes the DeFi experience more efficient and cost-effective.
  2. Integrating AI into KOA’s platform is made possible by Solana’s high-speed processing capabilities. The main idea is to allow for precise decision-making and optimized user returns.
  3. Building on Solana gives KOA access to a vibrant ecosystem full of opportunities for NFTs and gaming. This allows KOA to create a unique and engaging experience for its users.

Thanks to Solana’s advantage, KOA aims to revolutionize DeFi, making it accessible and fun for all.

Promising a Sustainable APY Over the Long Term

Unrealistic APY promises are a common issue in Web3. KOA aims to change this narrative. Instead of lofty promises, KOA offers tangible, sustainable yields. This fresh approach stems from an understanding of the volatile nature of DeFi ecosystems. 

The project’s strategy focuses on real, achievable gains. The priority is sustainability, not hype. This realistic outlook is part of KOA’s DNA. It symbolizes maturity in the highly speculative DeFi sector. 

KOA’s yield generation model is grounded in the principles of a circular economy. Revenue comes from the sale of in-game assets. This revenue supports the ecosystem, with features such as 60% of the revenue coming from fees flowing to the project’s Treasury.

The Treasury, backed by solid blue-chip assets, further fortifies the ecosystem. It provides a theoretical floor price for the $ANTC token. This ensures that ANTC holders are not left high and dry.

KOA also values transparency, as their dApp offers real-time insights into the Treasury’s health. In this context, the team introduces a metric called “Runway.” This measure indicates the number of days that the Treasury can last, with the current reward level, without any inflows.

The Leveling Mechanism in the Kingdom of ANTs also endorses realistic expectations. It provides a clear pathway for yield growth. As an ANT levels up, the APY increases, up to 90% at Level 40. KOA’s goal is to build a sustainable, high-yielding DeFi simulation.

The “AI ANT Advisor” is a game-changer in KOA’s treasury management. Excelling at asset allocation, it optimally utilizes the ecosystem’s resources. It also manages risk to ensure the treasury’s stability. Its algorithms intricately control treasury operations, fostering prosperity. Furthermore, it simplifies complex DeFi strategies into digestible insights, aiming to substantially boost user returns.

Ant Coin ($ANTC) and Its Benefits

ANT Coin, or $ANTC, is the Kingdom of ANTS’ main token. Holders can acquire it through various means, such as completing tasks or purchasing at a DEX. A percentage of specific in-platform activities is charged as fees in $ANTC, contributing to the platform’s sustainability; these collected $ANTC tokens are then burned, reducing the total circulating supply.

With a circulating supply of 100,000,000 upon launch, $ANTC holders can pay fees and earn sustainable APYs. They also gain voting power in the KOA DAO.

Additionally, they may receive NFT airdrops and VIP access to exclusive benefits. Holders can also purchase in-game assets with $SOL, with 60% of the sale revenue going back to the treasury. Overall, $ANTC offers various use cases and benefits within KOA’s ecosystem. So far, it has been a highly successful token with great potential for future growth and utility.

About Kingdom of ANTs

Kingdom of ANTs (KOA) is a next-gen, gamified DeFi platform with yield-bearing NFTs under the hood. The team is building it on Solana to deliver a fast, flexible, and low-cost experience.

KOA will shape DeFi’s future, making it super fun, engaging, and easy to use for degens, gamers, and NFT collectors. 

It’s more than just staking: this is an adventure where the user is the hero. Players will make smarter choices with ANT AI’s help, designed to optimize returns and offer personalized insights. 

All players will find that this is their kingdom, playing under their rules. Potential buyers can acquire $ANTC through MEXC or Raydium. 

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