Press ReleasePublic Meme Token ($PMT) Conquers Presale Expectations and Eyes...

Public Meme Token ($PMT) Conquers Presale Expectations and Eyes Next Major Exchange

Prisdorf, Germany, 20th February 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Public Meme Token is proud to announce that its private and public presale rounds were a massive success, exceeding all expectations. After years of planning, the PMT team is thrilled to see their vision come to life.

With ambitious plans, PMT aims to empower visual artists, musicians, and influencers while driving creativity and ensuring long-term value. 

PMT’s Strategic Vision Post-Presale Success

The success of PMT’s private and public presale has been remarkable. The token price has remained stable at 0.05$, a significant increase from the presale price of 0.02$. 

The team’s marketplace has already seen its first RWA (Real-World-Assets) collection from Rocketbyz go live in just three weeks. PMT is available on PancakeSwap and four major centralized exchanges (CEXs). The team has revealed that it plans to launch the token on a layer one exchange soon. 

The PMT team has been working tirelessly for years, and their hard work has paid off with this successful launch. Regarding future plans, the project’s roadmap hints at 3 phases with different goals.

The first phase focuses on building a strong community through social media and partnerships with artists, influencers, and content platforms. 

The second phase involves increasing public awareness. This plan involves listing the token on popular DEXs and CEXs and launching marketing campaigns. 

Finally, in the third phase, PMT aims to reach a market capitalization of $1 billion. The team will expand its reach by listing on top-tier CEXs and offering exclusive benefits to its community.

The project aims to empower the PMT community and spread the token’s message through branded merchandise and swag. With this strategic vision in mind, PMT is well-positioned for future success post-presale. 

Placing the PMT Token at the Core of the Project

The project’s token, PMT, will follow a predetermined allocation: 

  • 20% reserved for the presale
  • Another 20% will go to community rewards, incentivizing active participation and loyalty within the PMT ecosystem.
  • 15% will be allocated for development and advisors, ensuring the project’s continuous growth and success.
  • 15% will be dedicated to liquidity on centralized exchanges (CEXs), making it easier for users to buy and sell PMT.
  • Another 15% will go towards liquidity on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), providing more opportunities for trading PMT. 
  • 10% will be used for marketing, ensuring the project’s visibility and growth.
  • The final 5% will go to the team, rewarding their work and dedication towards the success of PMT. 

The token plays a crucial role in the project’s strategic vision. Concerning utility, PMT will offer multiple uses within the ecosystem, such as purchasing mystery boxes and staking for rewards. Just like mystery boxes, RWAs too can only be purchased by using PMT in the project’s marketplace.

As more users participate in these activities, the demand for PMT increases, thus enhancing its value and scarcity. This creates a positive feedback loop that benefits the project and its community.

In addition, using a buyback and burn approach, PMT demonstrates its commitment to transparency, loyalty, and responsible financial practices. This further solidifies users’ trust and confidence in the project.

About Public Meme Token

Public Meme Token, or PMT, is revolutionizing the creative space by linking visual artistry to the blockchain. With a clear roadmap, this project offers users a platform to engage with their favorite artists and influencers. 

Staking loyalty NFTs – created by renowned artists and influencers – can earn users PMT tokens. This incentivizes users to hold onto these unique artworks, benefiting the artist and the community. 

Beyond just being a meme token, PMT has real-world asset backing and a buyback and burn mechanism for long-term value. The team’s official website and PMT’s social media pages (as listed below) give more details on the project. 

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