Press ReleaseMemelon Tusk Announces Trading LATOKEN Competition with 5000 USDT...

Memelon Tusk Announces Trading LATOKEN Competition with 5000 USDT Worth of Rewards

Cyprus, Larnaca, 12th April 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Memelon Tusk will soon open a trading competition in LATOKEN, offering 5,000 USDT worth of rewards. The project has already gone live on various cryptocurrency exchanges and is gaining traction in the community. 

With a playful approach to cryptocurrency, Memelon Tusk offers NFTs, staking options, community-driven events, and more. The team introduces a utility-based token that rewards its holders with various benefits. 

A Top Trading Competition with Memelon Tusk on LATOKEN

Starting on April 12th, it will be possible to join a new trading competition with Memelon Tusk on LATOKEN. Here, anyone can participate in a newly-born community and trade to win a 5000 USDT prize pool in TUSK. The project went live on PancakeSwap back in January and is available on other decentralized exchanges as well.

The upcoming listing of the TKP/TUSK pair on PancakeSwap represents another important milestone for Memelon Tusk. Its innovative staking system, inspired by HEX, is a rare and valuable feature for anyone interested in crypto passive income. 

To top it off, Memelon Tusk has already burned an impressive 5.8 billion tokens since its launch. The strategy of burning a portion of the tokens in circulation aims to create a deflationary effect. The idea is, therefore, to benefit investors in the long term. 

Features and Benefits of Memelon Tusk

Furthermore, Memelon Tusk offers unique and rare NFTs for users to collect and trade. These NFTs not only have aesthetic value but also hold utility within the ecosystem. The team “hid” a few NFTs, and only those who stake tokens will be able to find them.

Users can also benefit from on-chain low-cost transactions for a smooth and efficient user experience. Additionally, Memelon Tusk has a fair launch process with transparent communication and regular updates from the team. The team’s tokens are locked for one year using smart contracts to ensure honesty and legitimacy.

Overall, Memelon Tusk does not want Web3 enthusiasts to consider the project as just another token. Ideally, this team is building towards a more interactive and engaging community ecosystem. The aim is to bring together traders with a passion for crypto, blockchain, and fun. The reference to Musk is not merely a catchy name but an inspiration for anyone interested in innovation and forward-thinking. 

The team fixed the maximum supply of TUSK to 999,666,333,000 tokens. The token allocation will work as follows:

  • Locked rewards: The project locked 24% of the total supply for staking rewards to incentivize long-term holders.
  • Public sale: the project has reserved 20.01% of the total supply for a public sale, allowing anyone to purchase TUSK at a fair price.
  • Team: the team has allocated 18% of the total supply to themselves. However, Memelon Tusk will lock these tokens for one year.
  • Liquidity pool: the project has reserved 14.69% of the total supply for liquidity purposes, ensuring a healthy and stable market.
  • Private sale: the tokenomics includes a 9.73% allocation for private sale.
  • Marketing: a portion of 7.5% of the total supply will help the team fund marketing campaigns.
  • Reserve: a 5.1% allocation will serve as a reserve for future development and improvements within the ecosystem.
  • Airdrop: Lastly, 0.97% of the total supply will enter an airdrop campaign, distributing tokens to early supporters and community members.

The main purpose is to guarantee a fair token distribution and give the team enough resources to develop the project. 

About Memelon Tusk

Memelon Tusk is a new meme coin that aims to address the lack of creativity and innovation in the crypto market. 

The community will enjoy rewards in multiple ways. In only a few days (April 12th), a trading competition launched by Memelon Tusk will open in LATOKEN. The competition will reward traders with a 5000 USDT pool in TUSK tokens. 

Anyone curious to learn more about the project can visit its website and read the team’s whitepaper. Memelon Tusk’s social media pages below provide regular updates and communicate openly with the community. 

X (Twitter) | Telegram

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