Press ReleaseUnlock AI High-Frequency Trading with Marine Moguls ERC-404 Airdrop

Unlock AI High-Frequency Trading with Marine Moguls ERC-404 Airdrop

Seoul, South Korea, 7th May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The 25th of May 2024 will mark a significant milestone in blockchain and high-frequency trading when MetFi DAO launches its highly anticipated ERC-404 Marine Moguls collection. With a stunning array of 10,000 tokens/NFTs and prizes totaling ~2.9 Million USDT, this TGE is not just an ERC-404 launch—it’s a revolution in digital asset management and high-frequency trading.

What Makes ERC-404 Stand Out?

At the heart of Marine Moguls is the ERC-404 protocol, a groundbreaking development in blockchain technology that redefines the concept of fungibility and non-fungibility. Unlike traditional NFTs, which are strictly unique and not always easily traded, ERC-404 brings the fungibility of tokens to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This unique and innovative approach allows $MOGUL token holders to own the entire Marine Moguls NFT collection partially, making high-value digital assets more accessible and liquid by providing instant 24/7 NFT liquidity. It’s a perfect blend of security and versatility, providing a solid platform for seasoned investors and crypto newcomers alike.

Impressive Returns with MetBot

Each of the 10,000 NFTs serves as a gateway to exclusive benefits, including access to MetBot, MetFi’s advanced AI trading bot that generated 80% returns during its 2-month pre-alpha trial and 8% in its first 7 days of live alpha. MetBot is engineered to maximize returns through intelligent, automated AI trading that is effective in all market conditions. Importantly, your funds remain in your account, under your control, and you can withdraw them anytime

Crafting and Merging NFTs

Innovation continues with the ability to craft and merge NFTs within the Marine Moguls ecosystem to unlock ~2.9 Million USDT worth of prizes attached to 25% of the NFT collection. This feature allows users to upgrade and combine their NFTs, enhancing their attributes, increasing their value within the marketplace, and unlocking prizes like 100,000 USDT and 50,000 $METFI. Whether you’re a collector seeking to own the ultimate digital asset or an investor looking to maximize returns, the crafting and merging capabilities introduce a dynamic new layer to ERC-404 NFT ownership

Staking and APY Benefits

Ownership of a whole $MOGUL token grants access to MetBot and eligibility for staking. Token holders can stake their $MOGUL tokens to receive generous Annual Percentage Yields (APY) estimated to be 260% if 25% of $MOGUL are staked and higher if less are staked. Staking adds further utility via accumulation and solidifies Marine Moguls as a robust staking opportunity.

Join the Revolution

As we approach the launch on May 25th, the excitement is palpable. The innovative combination of the ERC-404 protocol, ~2.9 Million USDT in prizes, and integrating Marine Moguls with MetBot’s high-frequency trading capabilities offers a unique and compelling value proposition. By joining the Marine Moguls campaign, you are not just participating in an airdrop but stepping into the forefront of a digital revolution.

Whether you want to expand your digital portfolio, unlock advanced AI trading, or simply explore cutting-edge blockchain technology, Marine Moguls provides a platform to do just that. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of something extraordinary.

Please visit our website for more information and to participate in the airdrop and launch. Join us as we unlock the future of high-frequency trading with MetBot and Marine Moguls ERC-404. Let’s set sail on this exciting journey together!

About Marine Moguls and MetBot by MetFi

Marine Moguls and MetBot, powered by MetFi DAO, redefine AI and digital asset integration using the pioneering ERC-404 protocol. This initiative sets a new standard for blockchain utility, merging token fungibility with the unique traits of NFTs for instant 24/7 NFT liquidity and fractional NFT ownership, broadening access and appeal.

Alongside, MetBot dramatically enhances the ecosystem’s value. As a cutting-edge AI trading bot, MetBot provides Marine Mogul token holders exclusive access to high-frequency trading that has delivered substantial, transparent returns. This AI bot boasts advanced intelligence and adaptive strategies, maximizing profitability while giving users control over their funds every step of the way

Marine Moguls and MetBot embody MetFi’s vision of innovation, decentralization, and a valuable and rewarding digital future. By joining the Marine Moguls airdrop, community members lead an evolving ecosystem that challenges traditional concepts of value and ownership, delivering tangible benefits and sophisticated trading solutions.

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