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Good Girls Season 3 : Release Date,Cast Netflix, Trailer, Plot, Top Story

The third season of the crime comedy-drama series Good Girls has aired in the United States. The fans of the show around the world are eagerly waiting for the release of the show. The third season of Good Girls is coming soon on Netflix.

When Will The Third Season Of Good Girls Release On Netflix?

The third season of Good Girls premiered in the United States on NBC in February this year. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation in the world, the series was cut short to eleven episodes. The third season of Good Girls will drop on Netflix on July 26 this year.

When is Good Girls season 3 released on Netflix?

Netflix officially confirmed in June that Good Girls season three will land on the platform in the UK and Ireland on Sunday 26th July. 

Good Girls season 3 cast

Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame, Retta (Parks and Recreation) and Mae Whitman (Arrested Development) are all expected to return as the central trio of Beth, Ruby and Annie.

Matthew Lillard (Scooby Doo) will be returning as Beth’s cheating husband Dean, as well as Reno Wilson (Ruby’s husband Stanley) and Isaiah Stannard (Annie’s transgender son Ben).

James Lesure also reprises his role as FBI Agent Jimmy Turner, while Manny Montana will once again play Rio – who may or may not be dead.

Guest stars for season three also include Jackie Cruz (best known for playing Flaca in Orange is the New Black), Anger Management’s Noureen DeWulf and Charlyne Yi (House, This is 40).

Good Girls season 3 trailer

As US broadcaster NBC aired season three back in February, a trailer for the series was released in January.

In the clip, we see Beth, Ruby and Annie move on after Rio’s supposed death and begin their new criminal enterprise – money printing. With Agent Turner and Beth’s husband Dean on their case, these ladies need to watch their backs.

When will season four return?

The news was confirmed on YouTube on May 15 with the cast brought together for a special Zoom session to announce the news.

In the video, they were overjoyed with many saying they could not wait to make more.

One of the people involved in the show said: “On behalf of your studio we are just so incredibly grateful.

“You guys have been such amazing supporters of this show from day one.

“We’re really so happy and congratulations everyone.”

According to Deadline, the show did very well ratings-wise and became the network’s number two show on digital platforms in its third season.

Will there be a Good Girls season 4?

Yes! NBC renewed the dramedy for a fourth season back in May so Good Girls fans can be reassured that this upcoming season isn’t the last you’ll see of the troublesome trio.

During lockdown, the show’s YouTube page published a video of the cast and crew finding out about season four via a group video call.

The Plot of the Good Girls Season 3

The story revolves around the three suburban mothers, which of two are sisters.

They wanted to become rich fast and decided to rob a supermarket because they could fulfil their needs and dreams.

But they tried to rob a supermarket, and unfortunately, her successful robbery attracts the store manager’s attention.

After that, he able to recognizes those of one woman; they worked together for only achieve the money.

The Cast And Characters of Good Girls Season 3

Christina Hendricks acts as Elizabeth (Beth), a mother.

Mae Whitman acts as Annie Marks, mother of Sadie(Ben) and Beth’s younger sister.

Retta acts as Ruby Hill, the best friend of Beth.

Reno Wilson acts as Stanley Hill, the cops of Ruby’s mall.

Isaiah acts as Ben Marks, the Gregg’s, and Annie’s son.

Matthew Lillard acts as Dean Boland, Beth’s husband.

Lidya Jewett acts as Sara Hill, Stan’s, and Ruby’s daughter.

 Episode List of Good Girls Season 3

  • The first season aired on February 26, 2018, consists of ten episodes.
  • The second season aired on March 3, 2019, includes thirteen episodes.
  • The third season aired on February 16, 2020, consists of eleven episodes.

The previous season consists of many episodes which became very popular and top-rated series among the viewers.

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