BlockchainThe creators of the nuclear bomb took on illegal...

The creators of the nuclear bomb took on illegal miners

Scientists at the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory have developed an artificial intelligence system that is able to effectively combat illegal Bitcoin mining.

A group of researchers at the US Los Alamos National Laboratory announced the creation of a new system based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Its goal will be to protect against miners who illegally use the computing power of supercomputers to mine cryptocurrencies. Scientists expect that their development should be more reliable and efficient than existing solutions.

Great strength – a great temptation

The Los Alamos Laboratory is widely known for being built to develop nuclear weapons. Presumably, it was there that the first US nuclear bomb was created. Now its employees have decided to pay attention to the fight against hacker attacks on computer computing power.

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Mining cryptocurrencies is an extremely costly process that consumes a huge amount of electricity and computing power. Unsurprisingly, hackers are increasingly attracted to powerful supercomputers that are hundreds of thousands of times faster than most modern gaming computers.” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />Earlier, the editorial staff of BeInCrypto already told how in May several supercomputers across Europe were infected with a virus for mining cryptocurrencies. The hacking was announced then in Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Spain.

In addition, cybercriminals often seek to infiltrate the servers of government services and various organizations for the same purpose. Even the second largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine and the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics became victims of hackers.

“You will not pass!”

Anyone affected by such actions or those in the area of ​​potential risk will certainly welcome the new development of Los Alamos scientists. The AI-based system should effectively protect modern supercomputers from the encroachments of crypto miners.

The researchers’ report “Code Characterization With Graph Convolutions and Capsule Networks” was published by one of the top international industry organizations – the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

As the experts themselves explained, other existing systems are trying to identify and recognize various malicious codes and programs. Meanwhile, the AI ​​system they have developed will be engaged in checking that only those programs are running on the supercomputer that should work on it.

According to tests already conducted, the new protection system is able to find malware for mining faster and more efficiently than traditional programs that do not use artificial intelligence technology.

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