Blockchain Ripple will be the Amazon for the Crypto World

Ripple will be the Amazon for the Crypto World


If you use cryptocurrencies for their intended purpose – for money transfers, then you definitely know what Ripple(XRP) is good for. This remarkable coin has long established itself as an excellent tool for transferring value using the Blockchain. However, despite its own popularity, Ripple rarely makes headlines.

The main reason is the relative stability of the coin, as Ripple is steadily evolving, avoiding major scandals or other problems. And today we will discuss this coin exclusively in a positive way. According to leading analysts, Ripple is starting to grow rapidly and will soon approach the status of a digital Amazon. Are these predictions true? Let’s figure it out.

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To understand the significance of the forecasts, you need to find out who exactly makes up the possible options for the development of cryptocurrency. A well-known specialist in the crypto industry, the creator of Ripple, stands behind today’s forecast. Brad Garlinghouse gave an interview to the Financial Times, in which he spoke about plans for the near future. According to the head of the company, the coin is set for serious, uninterrupted growth. In addition to the numbers and dry facts, Brad drew an interesting parallel between Ripple and Amazon.

The specialist recalled that the largest online shopping service also began with the status of a modest bookstore. But then the firm grew and quickly transformed into its current state. Brad is confident that Ripple will have the same transformation in two years. The coin will cease to be an ordinary instrument for money transfers. Of course, the forecast sounds interesting, but what exactly does the head of the company mean?

According to him, soon, in about two years, Ripple will be able to grow into a more serious company. The specialist believes that the company has taken the right course and will soon be able to abandon its dependence on the sale of tokens. The enterprise will begin to create new products, develop new markets, while supporting the main cryptocurrency. Don’t worry, XRP won’t fade into the background. Developers will maintain and improve the asset, but will begin to develop other industries.

What exactly does XRP offer?

In fact, the main message of the head of the company is quite simple. The creator of Ripple hints that in modern conditions, a multimillion-dollar enterprise should not stop there. Obviously, according to Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple has a lot more resources than it takes to support cryptocurrency XRP alone. That is why the firm plans to start creating tools for young developers. Ripple is interested in attracting new staff and transforming the market. That is why the company will focus its efforts on releasing appropriate utilities to help new entrepreneurs open up. Ripple has been investing in side projects for a long time, but now it is boldly starting to create its own subsidiaries.

So, if you are a beginner programmer with a brilliant idea, but without proper funding – wait for Ripple and XRP updates. In the next couple of years, we hope we will see the start of some kind of platform for young developers. During this time, you can improve your own idea in order to guarantee the implementation of the idea, to attract the attention of Ripple. Do not forget to follow all the news of the crypto industry with us. We publish only high-quality and interesting material. Thanks for your attention. Good luck!

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