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We are Hiring Says Ripple, XRP is looking for new employees in 2020-21

Today every programmer, investor, manager, and another self-confident specialist probably thought or dreamed of working in the crypto industry today. Nevertheless, not everyone succeeds in realizing such aspirations. The relative isolation of the industry from new employees affects. Indeed, large companies do not recruit very often. For example, getting into the Binance team is virtually impossible in principle. However, there are exceptions. We’re talking about Ripple, which announced the search for new specialists. The company needs a manager, it is planned to expand the line of projects. Next, we will tell you everything that is known about the vacancy and assess its prospects.

What is required from employees?

In fact, there are several requirements. The company has posted a vacancy that clearly states that an account manager is required. The company intends to expand the range of partnerships, as well as increase the volume of transactions. This requires an experienced manager who will be able to enter into beneficial relationships for the company and, in general, will move the company to unprecedented heights. The future manager must also maintain relationships with existing partners of RippleNet because it is important for the firm to both establish new partnerships and keep old ties.

According to Ripple’s HR team, the position is “critical.” Only specialists from specific industries can apply for a new position. In particular, the company is considering cooperation with managers from consulting services, the financial sector, and financial and technical analysis. Skills and experience in managing startups are also useful.

Among the responsibilities described, it is also necessary to remember the ability to sell the company’s products. The manager, together with the close-knit Ripple team, needs to constantly assess the market, look for opportunities to promote the company. Moreover, strategic management skills are required. The manager is obliged to build new tactics to promote the business, this is one of the key responsibilities.

Of the atypical requirements – understanding, and acceptance of the essence of the company, awareness of the principles of Blockchain. Calm knowledge of Spanish is required (obviously, Ripple intends to enter this particular market). The specialist must be result-oriented and tolerate business trips well since the trips will be constant. The office itself, which published the requirements for the candidate, is located in sunny San Francisco.

Is it worth working with an XRP?

The answer is clear and simple – yes, of course. If you really meet all the criteria described in the requirements of the company and if you are ready to work in a company of this level – feel free to contact Ripple representatives. Of course, there will be huge competition, since the best of the best are striving for an enterprise of this level. But we have no doubt that professionalism, honesty and a desire to improve the company will be highly appreciated at the Ripple dealership. You can also not worry about the financial side of the issue.

It is unlikely that Ripple is looking for a new employees, because the previous manager left due to low salaries. This is a serious company, which means that the payment will be serious. But with no less requirements. Remember to take responsibility before submitting your resume to Ripple. Everything else depends on luck and your personal aspiration. Don’t miss out on top jobs and other crypto industry news.

Stay up to date with all current events with us. We publish only high-quality and interesting material. Thank you for attention. Good luck!

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