Blockchain Invest in the Future of Real Estate with the...

Invest in the Future of Real Estate with the Jointer Auction


Jointer is a PropFi Company Presenting a whole new syndication model

The Jointer is a company who is the winner of the Carnegie Mellon University U.S, China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association Award for Most Promising Venture. The Jointer announces a $5M investment in STEX after having two successful months of 45X+ growth through the Auction. The JNTR token has grown since launch and the price has not gone down. This shows that financial engineering built with smart contracts is working.

The investment in the Jointer auction provides you the opportunity for instant diversification, stable DeFi, and products with a focus on security, community, and providing the best user experience. Jointer’s Auction continues the daily dynamic offers and STEX users can participate directly from their digital wallets. Jointer uses Game-Theoretic modeling to provide investors an extra incentive to outperform the daily goal through a dual bonus structure by setting goals for each day of the Auction that allows both large and small investors an opportunity to get huge benefits. Investors earn as a group and potentially as individuals if they are in the top 5 of daily investors. There is also a maximum amount of contributions meaning you better participate quickly before they sell out.

The Group Bonus allows investors to get benefit from a greater JNTR discount once the auction reaches above 100%. The Individual Bonus provides benefits to large contributors to the round. The bonus is uncapped but cannot exceed the daily contribution with a limited daily supply, investors are encouraged to participate early.

Investments in the Auction include 90% downside protection that allows investors to minimize their capital risk while still getting benefits from any potential upside. The downs. At any time before the year ends the investor has the option to yield the protection into a 52% APY staking contract or to cancel the investment and receive 90% of their investment back.

The nature of the bidding process in a professionally executed auction brings out the actual value of the property. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! Investing in Jointer’s Auction is a long term bet in a company with long term plans. 

Jointer will empower STEX to expand their offers through capital and technology investments and development. It will bring their daily Auction to STEX’s that have 300,000 active users which will offer primary access to JNTR’s flagship liquidity bridge. The benefits of purchasing through the auction include 90% downside protection of your investments.

Both Jointer and STEX focus on community and spent years in developing communities with users geared to their services. This combination of Jointer and STEX’s community will create a bond that is over 750,000 strong across all networks and nearly every country around the world.


Matthew Leising
I cover market structure for News Alarms, specifically how the bond, derivatives, and cryptocurrency markets work or don't.

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