BlockchainStratus, The Most User-Friendly Social Media Ecosystem, is Now...

Stratus, The Most User-Friendly Social Media Ecosystem, is Now Live

Stratus, the new world of internet services, is finally here. On 27th November 2020, Apollo fintech, headed by CEO Stephen McCullah, released the public version of the Stratus ecosystem website. This much-awaited product comes with some of the most common social networking features, including Facebook and Twitter. 

On the homepage, there are features like friends, followers, messages, and profile. When navigating, the user notices the blog and market hubs, aimed for posting articles and the latter for general buying and selling of the product. At the bottom of all these functionalities, a wallet allows users to store the private keys to their crypto assets. 

There is a small ads hub functionality allowing users to start, manage, and end ads campaigns. People interested in advertising their businesses using google ads should try Stratus’s ecosystem ads option for ultimate convenience. 

Another feature attracting people to using the Stratus ecosystem should be its freedom from censorship. Unlike all other online-based platforms that censor content for no reason, Stratus will use its employees to protect the latter’s content. Zero censorship means 100% freedom of speech and, ultimately, the growth in the content creation industry’s innovation and creativity. 

The new platform is also convenient for many due to its multiple language support. Currently, it supports around ten languages, including English, French, Spanish, Deutsch, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Romanian, Brazilian Portuguese, etc. Users can hope that in the future, it will continue translating to more languages for efficiency purposes. 

In addition to the convenience of the Stratus, the ecosystem is the strength brought by its privacy. 

Guaranteed Privacy on Stratus

Stratus protection of personal privacy is seen from the way they handle information. They neither collect nor share your personal information with third parties. 

Additionally, Stratus allows everyone to establish their privacy settings in the platforms. For instance, everyone can choose who can poke, post on their wall, and see the general personal information, relationship, work, location, education, friends, photos, etc. 

Users can select whether to allow everyone, friends only or keep them entirely private. There are security privacy and verification settings of many kinds in the settings icon, which the account owner can freely change.

A little look into the Stratus ecosystem proves that Apollo built this platform for simplicity. The user interface is top functional, displaying all the best features for easy access. A good example is on the screen’s left side; a panel shows the market, friends, blog, local hub, etc.; thus, everyone can easily use the platform. It promises absolute convenience, zero censorship, and 100% privacy to all of its users. 

More Features in the Future of Stratus

In the second launch of this platform, Stratus will go deeper into social media functions, adopting all the significant functions found on Instagram. It will also adopt YouTube’s video functionality, replacing YouTube as an entertainment center. 

Additionally, Stratus will introduce Robinhood’s functionalities helping investors with a better investment platform. Its users will have the freedom of investing in gold, stock, and other investment assets in the fiat world. 

As a crypto world campaigner, Stratus will have a platform similar to Coinbase, which will help persons exchange many different assets. It’s also hosting a universal wallet to ease the hassles of all crypto enthusiasts. Users are yet to enjoy more, as Stratus further introduces a world-class functionality for all.

Florent Malice
Malice is an Irish sports journalist and former amateur and part-time road bicycle racer, He wrote for The Sunday Times newspaper and others, and published a number of books.

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