AAG Hail Repair is expanding its hail repair services beyond its Arizona home base to meet the needs of storm-ravaged areas.

The Day of The Big Storm

The day started sunny in South Dakota but conditions were ripe to fire up a couple of rotating supercell thunderstorms. Air near the surface was too dry to support tornadoes, but the meteorological department knew it would be a day for big hail for South Dakota. These storms produced repeated rounds of large hail which moved through the Missouri River Valley, with isolated damaging wind gusts as well.

Hail piled up like snow, leaves knocked off trees and some homes have damage to their siding.  South Dakota storms can strike at irregular times and you don’t always have the chance to get automobiles undercover.

“The devastation here was amazing. I have seen a lot of storms in my time, but this one was an eye-opener. I cannot do enough to help these residents. The spirit of this community is still strong, and providing them with assistance was a pleasure,” says AAG CEO Renee Pinedo.

AAG Rushes To The Frontline

Though there is not much you can do about preventing hail damage, there is certainly a lot you can do about repairing it. Finding an excellent body repair shop with great experience in hail damage repair is of the utmost importance, mostly because the first assessment will determine what type of repairs are necessary for your vehicle. 

For this reason, AAG Hall Repair rushed from its base in Tucson, Arizona to South Dakota. AAG Hail Repair assistance started with the largest hail affected county, Jackson, using their extensive knowledge and experience repairing hail damage on cars and trucks. Throughout the process, AAG Hail Repair staff remains constantly in touch with the customer, providing regular updates of the work being done, while seeking to minimize customer costs.  

About AAG Hail Repair

AAG Hail Repair was founded by a proud military veteran and has been in business for the past four generations. AAG Hail Repair also goes a step further each year in supporting families from the community through various charity events and sponsorships. AAG has been a fixture in the Tucson community for 15 years and provides a positive role model for the city’s youth and entrepreneurs.

AAG Auto Glass & Tint Contact Info: 

AAG Glass & Tint is a family, veteran-owned-and-operated business in Tucson, AZ. 

Call Us: (520) 254.6738 

Visit Us: 227 South Kino Pkwy, Tucson, AZ. 85719. 

 Email Us: [email protected]

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