Coronavirus More than 12,000 cases of covid-19 and 4 more...

More than 12,000 cases of covid-19 and 4 more deaths in Venezuela


In the Capital District there were 179 infections reported on Monday, July 20. About Zulia they reported one. 30 new “imported” cases notified.

At the beginning of week 19 of the coronavirus quarantine, this Monday, July 20, the national government reported 413 community cases of covid-19 and 30 “imported”. In this way, the country exceeded 12,000 infections. The total number of cases reached 12,334.

The executive vice president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, reported that the Capital District, Miranda and Sucre have the highest cases and for Zulia only one community reported.

Regarding the imported cases, he specified that all correspond to Venezuelans who arrived from Colombia.

Rodríguez reported the death of four people due to the spread of the covid-19 to bring the number of fatalities to 116. The deaths occurred in the Capital District and the state of Sucre.

From the Capital District, it divided the 179 new community cases as follows: 42 are from the El Valle parish, 25 from Coche, 14 are from the Sucre de Catia parish, 11 are from La Vega, 8 from Santa Rosalía, 8 from El Recreo, 7 of El Paraíso, 6 of San Juan, 6 of Santa Teresa, 5 of San Agustín, 4 of la Pastora, 4 of Caricuao, 3 of January 23, 3 of San Pedro, 2 of San José, 2 of Catedral, 2 of Antímano , 2 from La Candelaría, 1 from El Junquito and 1 from San Bernardino, while 23 are from others captured in the Capital District.

Miranda: 116 new cases.

Sucre: 29 new cases.

Monagas: 19 new cases.

Carabobo: 12 new cases.

Cojedes: 11 new cases.

Bolívar: 10 new cases.

Táchira: 10 new cases.

La Guaira: 8 new cases.

Lara: 5 new cases.

Hurry: 4 new cases.

Yaracuy: 4 new cases.

Aragua: 3 new cases.

Delta Amacuro: 1 new case.

Portuguese: 1 new case.

Zulia: 1 new case.

Referring to the current condition of the 5,490 active patients, he specified that 4,829 are asymptomatic, 621 have mild acute respiratory failure, 21 moderate acute respiratory failure and 19 patients are admitted to the ICU for presenting severe acute respiratory failure.

Installed the General Staff of Caracas

“Today we install the General Staff of Caracas with the incorporation of members of the Presidential Commission for the Prevention, Attention, and Control of Covid-19 in the Capital District,” through a videoconference, Delcy Rodríguez announced on Twitter on Monday.

“We installed the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Caracas to attend the focus of the Capital District and we continue with the conditioning of the Polyhedron,” he said through the State channel at night.


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