News"Macau casino king": Business is difficult but emotional sublimation

“Macau casino king”: Business is difficult but emotional sublimation

According to Hong Kong media, the business of the beautiful prostitute of “Macau casino king” – Ha Sieu Lien suffered a large amount of money from early 2020 due to the influence of Covid-19.

Ha Sieu Lien is the famous daughter of “Macau casino king” Ha Hong San. More significantly, she is currently the girlfriend of the actor “So Kieu Story” – Dau Kieu. Their love story has attracted the attention of the media as well as fans since the two publicly declared their love in 2019.

According to a source, Ha Sieu Lien’s beef noodle shop has suffered a loss of 1.8 million yuan (nearly 6 billion dong) in the past half year due to the local government’s request that restaurants are not allowed to open. door after 18 hours. Many people believe that not only Ha Sieu Lien’s business will be affected, but other businesses are also negatively affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Understanding that the business situation is not favorable, Ha Sieu Lien has endeavored to maintain the operation of the beef noodle shop. She often promotes the latest products in the store on social networking sites or negotiates with the landlord to reduce rent. The “Macau casino king’s” girl tries to face the economic crisis without having to fire her staff.

Recently, the business is not too busy so Ha Sieu Lien has time to take care of her boyfriend Dau Kieu. The couple has appeared as a “shadow” image since Dau Kieu was present at the funeral of “Macau casino king” in mid-July. He was with his girlfriend in all 3 days of funerals and events afterwards. The Ha family also happily accepted the presence of Dau Kieu, leading many to believe that the wedding of Ha Sieu Lien and Dau Kieu will take place soon.


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