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Alta Mar High Seas Season 3: Release Date, Netflix, Trailer, Cast, Plot


Alta Mar’ High Seas Season is Spanish television series based on crime, mystery, and period drama stories.

Gema R. Neira and Ramon Campos co-create the series named Alta Mar High Seas Season.

The series consists of many staring actors such as Alejandra Onieva, Ivana Baquero, Eloy Azorin, Jon Kortajarena, Daniel Lundh and Chiqui Fernández, Tamar Novas.

And Natalia Rodriguez, Ignacio Montes, Laura Prats and Matthew Modine etc.

The Bambu Producciones production company produces it in the original Spanish language.

But, later on, dubbed in other languages too and premiered on Netflix online streaming platform.

The plot of the Alta Mar High Seas Season

The story revolves around the death of their father, sisters Eva and Carolina Villanueva. He was traveling at the ocean liner from Spain to Brazil in the late 1940s.

And They become a part of an investigating mysterious death case story that occurs at sea at that time.

But, the previous season ended with the cruise that coming in Rio De Janeiro.

Also, there are some questions, and the mysteries are left open-ended that will be revealed in the third season of Alta Mar High Seas.

The top-rated series in the viewers will expect announcements for four seasons earlier after releasing the third season.

Also, the cruise dropped its anchor in Rio. It is not apparent that the next season will continue on the cruise journey or fall to the center.

The series will also consist of paranormal shots in the third season.

Therefore, it will be inspiring to see the new story continue after the High Seas’ second season.

Cast of Alta Mar High Seas season 3

Ivana Baquero acts as as Eva Villanueva

Jon Kortajarena acts as Nicolas

Alejandra Onieva acts as Carolina

Manuela Vellés acts as Luisa Castro etc.

Release date of Alta Mar High Seas season 3

It’s the second season released on November 22, 2019, consists of eight episodes on Netflix.

Because of the pandemic situation, It will expect to release at the end of 2020 or earlier.

Will high seas have a Season 3?

When will High Seas season 3 be on Netflix? With filming reportedly taking place from November 2019, it’s likely the series will be returning for its third outing at some point in 2020. La Prensa seems to agree with us by predicting the series will be available towards the latter end of 2020.

Will there be another season of high Seas on Netflix?

Has Netflix Renewed High Seas For Season 3? There is currently no official announcement regarding season 3 but Elespanol’s Bluper section claims to have some insider information. They have reported that the show has been already renewed for season 3 behind closed doors, and a fourth season is even in the works.

What ship is high seas filmed on?

The map was modeled closely on an original on the Queen Mary. The rectangular shape of the studio building where the series was filmed, located about 45 minutes outside Madrid, allows the 2,700 square meters of the High Seas set to mimic the ambling corridors and curved decks and cabins of a Streamline passenger ship.

Who is the killer in high seas?

Verónica ended “High Seas” Season 2 in the worst shape. In the finale it was revealed that it was her mother, Francisca, who killed Rosa Marín. After the truth came out, Francisca suffered a terrible fall caused by Rosa’s ghost pushing her.

Was high seas filmed on a real ship?

The fictional ship itself though, called the Barbara de Braganza, does draw from actual history. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, set decorator Regina Acuña said the Barbara de Braganza is “inspired by two Art Deco luxury liners from the 1930s, the SS Normandie and the Queen Mary.”


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