Health5 skincare mistakes that make you look older

5 skincare mistakes that make you look older

Taking care of your skin is a basic step that you must take in your daily routine, regardless of your age, gender or lifestyle. Not only does it help you avoid problems such as acne , irritation , melanoma and dryness , it is also so that wrinkles and the signs of aging do not appear prematurely and begin to calculate more years than you really are .

Do you think Keanu Reeves seems immoral out of sheer genetics (partly yes)? That’s not the case, Reeves, like all actors who look better at 40, 50, and 60 than at 20 follow grooming and skincare routines and don’t give them up for the world, and they also don’t make any mistakes. beginner that only make damage and problems worse.

If you take care of your muscles in the gym, your weight with the diet and your mental health with meditations, why not take care of your skin as well?

Science has already said it thousands of times, you need to use a moisturizer every day, don’t leave the house without sunscreen, and cleanse your face before bed to maintain healthy skin. But it is not about taking the first product that you find in the pharmacy, if what worries you are the signs of age , then you need to take into account what your skin needs and what are those myths, techniques and products that they really are of no use.

Your skin routine may be to blame for you looking old, tired, and with dull skin. The problem is that it may be that you are making mistakes without knowing that they are mistakes, that is why dermatologists have already revealed what are the things that you do or stop doing that you should change.

Skincare mistakes that make you look old:

Not wearing sunscreen every day

With sun, rain, snow or thunder, the sunscreen should be used every day in the face, neck and hands. UV rays are there even when the sky is cloudy and can cause blemishes, skin cancer and wrinkles on the skin, so it is important that you incorporate one into your routine.

Not taking care of your neck

The neck is one of the parts of the body that betrays age, so your products should also be used in that area. Sunscreen should be worn on the front and back, as should moisturizer and whatever type of anti-aging product you are using.

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Not staying well hydrated

This not only has to do with using moisturizer , it is also important to drink enough water, which will help your skin to be healthy and have a more youthful appearance. On the other hand, you should not only use moisturizer when your skin feels dry, this is something you need every day.

Don’t leave acne alone

Pinching and popping the pimples can leave marks and scars , this makes the skin look poor and can cause more bacteria to enter the most problem areas.

You use the wrong products

Are you still using the same cleanser you used as a teenager? You have to stop now, the skin has different needs at each stage of life, so it is important that you choose the correct products to give it all the nutrients it needs.

Using water that is too hot

The hot water feels great in the shower, but it is not the best option. High temperatures can cause dry skin and dilate capillaries, and the other extreme is not good either, too cold water can also damage the skin, so it is recommended to use warm water.

Do not exfoliate

You should not use scrubs every day, that removes the natural oils from the skin, but you should do it from time to time to remove dead cells that, when they accumulate, prevent the skin from absorbing the products correctly.

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