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Why facial soap is important step to a clean face

If you do not apply facial cleansing, everything else will be in vain, hence why we are so insistent on this essential first step in your skin care ritual .

Why is facial soap so important?

Most of the products (serums, masks, boosters ) start to be applied after 20 years. Only one pair are needed from -almost-newborns; the cleanser and sunscreen. Therefore, always having a facial soap is a crucial part of any routine (regardless of gender or age).

Perhaps our first approach – consciously – to facial cleanser will be in adolescence. The reason? Sure you guessed it, the famous pimples and oily skin are beginning to be our day to day. Without a doubt, our best ally -believe it or not- will be a constant facial cleansing (day and night). The soap with which you wash your hands will not be enough , it will have to be one specifically designed for the face , and thus keep acne under control. There is a wide variety of presentations of facial cleansers .

Avoid those soaps with parabens, phthalates and / or sulfates, as they can irritate or hurt the skin

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The essentials in a facial soap

We know that it is a basic. In grooming issues, it is undoubtedly one of the products with which we are most familiar, but it never hurts to remember the principles when looking for a facial soap .

  1. Always opt for the simplest and most natural formula. The phrase, less is more, applies perfectly to facial soaps . The simpler its formulation, the better it will be with your skin. In this way you will avoid irritations or some type of negative effect on your skin. Avoid those with parabens, phthalates, and / or sulfates.
  2. At the first sign of irritation, stop that soap . There are two main reasons why a facial soap can irritate your face ; the first, is due to applying too much force when cleaning your face , the solution will be to lower the intensity of the force (remember, you are not cleaning the windows). The second reason is related to the type of skin , if it is sensitive you should look for a soap indicated for this type of skin, in addition to avoiding any exfoliating effect that this may include.

How to use a facial soap?

Surely you are wondering, is it serious that they are going to teach me how to use soap ? The truth is that we all know how to use it, so we will focus on giving you some expert-level tips to get the most out of each presentation.

Facial soap bar

The classic of classics. If you live with someone, our recommendation is not to share the bar with another person. Everyone should have their own for greater hygiene. It is unnecessary to mention it, but that bar of soap will be exclusively for the face, not for the body or for washing hands. Our bet is the Dr. Bronner’s almond, made from natural oils (almond and coconut) leaves the skin free of the stiff effect.

Recommending for all skin types, specifically those with dry skin.

Foam facial soap

A type of cleanser that works quite well for men’s skin . The reason? Its light and foamy consistency makes it ideal for deeply penetrating pores, purifying them successfully. Do not forget that this type of foaming soap should be combined only with a little water (wet hands), so as not to dilute it completely. We recommend Dermalogica’s Clear Start Breakout, it includes salicylic acid and oleic acid, two ingredients focused on beating acne.

We recommend this type of cleanser for men with oily skin and large pores.

Facial soap in oil

Perhaps of the options this is the least popular. Originally, these types of cleaners were designed to remove makeup; if you apply a cosmetic product it will be the option. On the other hand, this type of oily soap is quite effective on the skin , having a dissolving effect on all impurities. Apply it on the face and add very little water, avoid rubbing, and better massage all over your face and neck. We bet on Biossance’s Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil, a formula based on oils and hydrating molecules.

We suggest its use in those with dry skin, it will be an extra hydration.

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