NewsSignal: What is and how does the app that...

Signal: What is and how does the app that aims to defeat WhatsApp work?

The best messaging application, in terms of security and privacy, is called Signal, and you probably never heard it until this whole debate started from the giant WhatsApp that, by changing its terms of service, millions of people stopped using the application out of fear to have your privacy compromised.

With this, users have chosen to uninstall the application belonging to Facebook to migrate to other platforms such as Telegram and Signal, and there are even those who have looked for how to transfer their stickers from one application to another. 

Signal is a messaging app with a total focus on privacy since it is operated by a non-profit organization to begin with, so you can be sure that your information will not be stored or sold to large companies to generate a profile, As in the case of WhatsApp, which clarified that user information would be shared with Facebook companies. 

Signal’s point-to-point encryption is so good that even WhatsApp decided to use it when it began to encrypt its communications, and that is because Signal is the messaging service that Edward Snowden himself uses because, as he points out, it is “terribly secure.”

Signal is an open-source application, which makes its handling even more transparent, in addition to its constant development, and is carried out by the same users, who increasingly implement more and more privacy options.

Some of these security options include the use of a pin to open the application, the automatic blocking once closed, and even the option of self-destructing all messages remotely, in case you lose your phone or consider that your information is compromised.

The public’s response was so adverse to these WhatsApp policy changes that the company has decided to postpone them until further notice .

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