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Sex Education, Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and all you need to know

We do not want to get obscene but from now on we are going to reveal everything that has happened (which is not little) during season 2 of ‘Sex Education’ and, since you have not seen it yet, you are going to swallow it whole. The ‘spoilers’, of course.

Season 3 of ‘Sex Education’ was confirmed by some ‘superhot’ memes, along with the return of the cast to the recordings, after having been delayed due to COVID-19. This gave us great pleasure. However, we have not reached multi-orgasm until now, when we have learned that the new chapters have a jump in time in their script.

The news has come from the mouth of Asa Butterfield, the interpreter of Otis, who has confirmed this temporary change during an interview for The Guardian :

” There is a little jump in time from where we left the second installment. Otis returns to class but has his mind on other things. He has matured a bit and has become more daring. It has been fun portraying his newfound charisma. But don’t worry, it will still be just as weird. ”

Can you imagine Otis being the new ‘fuckboy’ at Moordale High? We do not! Although we will surely have a good laugh …

This news joins the three new additions confirmed to the casting that, sure, will give a lot of play.


The actress we met in the mythical series ‘Girls’ is one of the great signings of this third installment. Former Moordale student, now she returns to her halls and classrooms as the new director Hope, a character who will not leave anyone indifferent.


Yes, you know him for giving life to Lucius Malfoy in the ‘Harry Potter’ saga. Now he will immerse himself in the Netflix universe, playing Mr. Groff’s older brother. Be careful, because this character has everything but modesty.


The alternative rap artist and songwriter will be the new high school student. Considered non-binary, your personality will open more than one mind in the Moordale. We warn you: you will be his fan from minute 1.

Chris Jenkis, Jojo Macari and Chinenye Ezeudu are also preparing for the back to school. They even announce a strange ‘spoiler’!

If you are somewhat lost, here you have the definitive manual of ‘Sex Education’ with all the information that we know about the release date, new characters in the cast, future trailers and all the plots that have not been closed yet. You will complain, we only have to be able to provide you pleasure … and we leave that in your hands. Literally.

‘Sex Education’: everything we already know about season 3, such as premiere dates, trailers, plots, cast


Yeah! Thanks to various publications on the official account of the series, we were able to confirm the news. In one, they provide us with memes for the remainder of the year. In the other, the director Groff makes it clear that Eric and Adam will be the main part of the new plot. We almost want to see the new installment more than to have an orgasm. We have said almost.

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Previous installments were released in the first month of each year. If we had a global pandemic in between, slowing things down, it would have arrived in January 2021. However, as they started shooting the third season in September and have not finished yet, our bet is more focused on June 2021 . It could be even a little earlier.


We must recognize that this delivery has been as good as the first. The level has not diminished, the clarity and teaching regarding sex and current issues, such as homosexuality or sexual abuse, were present at all times … but it has also taken a more dramatic point that we have loved. How not? We are the queens of #drama.

Maeve, Otis and Ola

The love triangle between these three has been one of the main plots. In the first chapters, Otis and Ola are super good together, and even try to do it for the first time. But Maeve enters the scene, declaring her feelings for the boy, causing him to short-circuit. He does so to such an extent that during a partystyle ‘Project X’that he organizes at home, ends up talking more than necessary about the two women. Yes, a shit of epic proportions. However, in case the main character had little, he ends up losing his virginity to Ruby, the most popular of the institute.

Also, just when he finally realizes (again) how he feels about Maeve, new cast character Isaac (George Robinson) appears, and he deletes the voicemail with the statement. Come on, almost what happened in the first season but in reverse. Come on, the third time has to be the charm, right? We want Otis and Maeve to be together!

Eric and Adam

Okay, how is that ‘momentazo’ in which Eric and Adam meet for the first time in Rahim’s uncle’s shop ? Well, GOLD and considered a #dramon like a cathedral.

Otis’s best friend has tired of living a secret relationship with the director’s son, so he makes the decision not to meet him again at night and start dating Rahim (our new ‘crush’, yes ). But since feelings cannot be controlled, when Adam makes a statement in the wonderful and great theater performance inspired by ‘Romeo and Juliet’, apart from getting us all off the couch, Eric left Rahim and they made their story public. So far, they have only shook hands in front of everyone. How will this story unfold in the new season?

Ola and Lily

Of course, if we had to choose a couple from season 2 it would be Ola and Lily . The evolution of their relationship has delighted us. They have gone from being friends, to discovering themselves as bisexual, and then experimenting in sex together. We love them! And we just hope that the new season gives us more of his moments.

Maeve and her mother / Jackson and her mothers

When we talk about how this second season has been more dramatic, we are referring to the amount of family conflicts that have happened. On the one hand, the return of Maeve’s mother unsettled him a lot. She has a drug problem and is aware that she cannot take care of her little sister, so she calls Social Services to have her taken away.


On the other hand, Jackson’s relationship with his mothers ends much better. The athlete, because of the pressure they have from swimming, ends up having self-destructive thoughts. Although, at the end of the season, we see how he manages to overcome it. What will Maeve’s ex hold in this new installment?

Jean and Jakob

Jean, Otis’s mother, was dating Jakob, Ola’s father and the protagonist’s new girlfriend , which caused the occasional conflict — normal, this looks like ‘Los Serrano’. However, a kiss to her ex-husband is the cause of the couple’s breakup. The sexologist has realized that she really did want a relationship with the plumber. Is it too late for them?


We couldn’t close the plot block without echoing the ugly and horrible incident Aimee suffers from . During Chapter 3, a man masturbates next to her on the bus, staining her leg. Obviously, this generates a trauma for the student, who can not take public transport again, leaves her boyfriend and has a kind of hallucinations.

Luckily, she realizes that she is the victim and that she is not guilty of anything. With the help of the high school girls and, above all, Maeve, she finds the courage to go to the police station to report what happened (applause for her, please) and, also, gets back on the bus, thanks to the support of all the girls. We promise you that this feminist scene is the one that made us cry the most. Bravo for her! Zero tolerance towards sexual abuse!

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