Entertainment Celebrities Master of Attraction for Business: D’Andre Saxton

Master of Attraction for Business: D’Andre Saxton


Some might view the law of attraction as pseudoscience or financial mumbo-jumbo used to get people to sign up for fruitless courses. But in reality, the idea is quite simple: as articulated by Napoleon Hill over 100 years ago, the law of attraction simply states the idea that riches don’t come to people just because they work hard, but because their minds are so saturated on a particular form of success that they subconsciously do everything they need to do to put themselves in position to gain what they want.

This could not be more evident then in the incredible story of D’Andre Saxton. 

At age 24, he had been operating for several years as a freelance entrepreneur, trying anything and everything he could. He brought in between $2000 and $5000 each month, inconsistently, but struggled to maintain while living in expensive California. 

Less than one year ago, D’Andre was in a desperate situation: he was living on his grandparents couch in San Diego and in financial turmoil. He wanted to make a drastic and radical change, so he decided to attend the seminar by Bob Proctor, a mindset and business guru, which changed the course of his life immediately. 

Within three months, D’Andre reinvented himself as a coach and brought in an unfathomable $350,000 in revenue, less than six months after descending into emergency poverty.

It’s a multitude of your habits,” Saxton explained. “It’s another word for your conditioning or programming, which lies within your subconscious mind. We have two parts to our mind: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Our conscious is our thinking mind. It’s the mind we go to school with. It’s the mind you’re using to listen to me right now. It’s our analytical mind.”

“I was always in the books, going to seminars, paying the price working, staying up late, burning the midnight oil, doing all that stuff. But that only controlled four percent of my results. This is where I learned about my subconscious mind from Proctor’s program, which controls the other 96% of my results.”

As Saxton has mastered his unconscious mind and created more and more results for himself, he’s been able to help other people do the same. One of the key insights in his approach is that everything that someone needs to be successful is usually within them, including the ability to change focus, remove mental obstacles, and much more. He’s lived this day after day now and is quickly rising as a key coach for helping people transform their lives.

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