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32 Best Note Taking Apps for Remote Work for Entrepreneurs in 2021

Employments of note taking applications: 

You would need the best note taking applications out there for some, reasons, directly from having convenient tacky notes to ensuring you don’t miss a thing while shopping for food. We have recorded a couple of them underneath: 

  • Rundown down things to purchase 
  • Keeping a list of things to get 
  • Scribble down gathering plans 
  • Recall and survey formulae or significant ideas 
  • Compose and offer code bits 
  • Store and offer photographs and plans 
  • Store and offer sound records 

What’s more, the rundown goes on. This video from the center of the twentieth century is an adorable and amusing attempt at exhibiting the significance of taking notes. What’s more, in spite of the fact that they show it basically for instructive purposes, you get the point. In this day and age, conveying a journal with you wherever you go is close unrealistic. We all have come to depend intensely on the best note taking apparatuses. Note-taking applications have truth be told become ground-breaking since they can likely deal with each and every utilization case you can consider. 

Contingent upon your particular use case, you can ask yourself these arrangement of inquiries to assist you with picking the best note-taking applications: 

What sort of client am I? – Whether you are a Google Power client, MacOS client, Windows client, Android, or iOS client. Some note taking applications will have similarity across numerous gadgets while others may very well work on a solitary framework. 

Am I an originator, designer, or simply a customary client? – Apps, for example, Notion uphold all the three use-cases while note taking apparatuses like Simple Note would basically uphold the requirements of a normal client 

Am I prepared to pay for a note taking application? – Though most applications have a free form accessible for people, applications, for example, Fireflies.ai do charge a sensible sum for every client when utilizing it for groups


GetCommit is effortless knowledge transfer software that builds connections between knowledge and between people to change culture


Unlimited & free recordings and transcriptions of every meeting. Fireflies.ai is an AI that joins your meetings and shares the valuable information with everyone in your team, no matter where they are.


A new tool that blends your everyday work apps into one. It’s the all-in-one workspace for you and your team to collaborate and share notes.

Zoho Notebook

Take notes, add files, create checklists and sketches, record audio, and capture moments using Notebook. All your notes are instantly synced across your devices and to the cloud.


ScatterNote is a note taking app that lets you reorganize, connect, and disconnect your research at the speed of thought


Supernotes is the best place to collect your thoughts, notes, snippets, and tasks. Create notecards with Markdown, LaTeX, images, emojis, and more


Notejoy is a collaborative notes app for you and your team. Available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and the web. Free to get started.


The #1 Live Captions Recorder for Google Meet


Simple cloud client note-taking with handwriting and drawing on to your own custom templates. Integrated with Xero


All your team’s work in one place. Whether you’re managing a project, capturing ideas from a brainstorm, or coordinating with a remote team, Evernote Business keeps everyone on the same page.


OneNote: Your digital notebook. Get organized in notebooks that you can divide into sections and pages. With easy navigation and search, you’ll always find your notes right where you left them.

Google Keep

Save your thoughts, wherever you are. Capture what’s on your mind. Add notes, lists, photos, and audio to Keep. Share your thoughts with family and friends. Keep works on your phone, tablet, and computer.


Stashany is designed for developer who would like to take quick a note anywhere.


Organizedly lets you manage your personal knowledge in one place. Notes, tasks, and calendar are essential building blocks for productivity and they should be tied closely together


Allegory is a powerful notes app with a beautiful iOS-centric UI. The minimal and focused writing experience, combined with an impressive set of powerful features, makes this the ideal choice for everyone.


Jottit is a simple, subscription-free organiser for your notes, lists, and sketches.

Roam Research

Roam Research is a base for personal knowledge management. It is easy to use as a document while being as powerful as a graph database


Obsidian is a powerful knowledge base that works on local Markdown files


The simplest way to keep notes. Light, clean, and free. Simplenote is now available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and the web.


Octo is an open-source writing app for developers that uses inline markdown rendering to offer a streamlined writing experience that blends content and code as seamlessly as possible


RemNote is the first spaced-repetition powered note-taking tool that lets you structure knowledge exactly in the way you think about it


Portway is a developer-friendly, collaborative notes app. Jot down some thoughts, manage content for your projects, or collaborate with your team on documentation

FastEver 3

FastEver 3 is the note-taking app to create Evernote notes quickly.


A note-taking app for pros where tasks are first-class citizens and daily notes are tightly integrated with your calendar and reminders


A free, open-source, and end-to-end encrypted note-taking app.


Filterize is an online cloud service that acts like your personal Evernote assistant.


Relanote is а note-taking app that combines both hierarchical and non-hierarchical (wiki-style) note-taking


Jot down quick notes and auto-save them with QuickJots. You can use GitHub Flavoured Markdown to easily embed images, or even task-lists to track to-dos.


Taky is a fast and no-frills note application for people who appreciate speed and simplicity.


Amplenote combines the complexities of to-do lists with the simplicity of note-taking.


ListPal is a super minimal app to create shareable checklists that update in real-time.


Keep chains of private and public notes. Don’t waste your time on folders and tags names creation. Use chains of notes.

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