Entrepreneurship10 psychological tricks that will help crack job interview

10 psychological tricks that will help crack job interview

You know it because you have lived it, and if not, you will live it sooner or later. Few moments are as stressful as a job interview , because in it our job expectations culminate but also our fears about our attitude and performance in them. However, it is true that nerves decrease depending on how we have prepared these meetings, and we are not referring only to the curriculum or professional life, but to questions, answers and advice that we can take into account to enhance the best of ourselves . 

Among those recommendations, these 10 psychological tricks , collected in Business Insider and endorsed by different studies and experts, not focused on what but on how, in the details, will help you nail any job interview you have.

1. The time and order of the interview matters

We advise this knowing that you are unlikely to have a choice, but if so, the best time to be interviewed is Tuesday at 10:30 a.m., not too early or too late in the day or week. If you do it in a day after other strong candidates, even better.

2. Look your recruiter in the eye from the start

You should do it on a romantic date … and also in a job interview. When the recruiter addresses you for the first time, and for the rest of the encounter, ensure direct eye contact through your gaze (without looking creepy , of course). Studies say you will be smarter.

3. Dress the color of what you want to convey

Much has been said about how to dress for job interviews , but today we are not talking about clothes, but about colors: blue transmits competitiveness, black leadership, gray analysis and reasoning, white organization, red power and brown confidence. Important tip: never wear orange.

4. Take into account the age of your interviewer

You are unlikely to know the age of your recruiter beforehand, so be prepared for all of this. If you are in your 20s and 30s, use visuals and emphasize your ability to multitask ; if you are between 30 and 50, highlight your creativity and your ability to conciliate ; If you are between 50 and 70, emphasize effort and respect; and if it is over 70, indicate your loyalty and your commitment.

5. This position of your hands generates confidence

Regarding body language, some people recommend taking inspiration from that of the interviewer, but especially taking care of the use of your hands. Showing your palms and bringing the tips of one hand together with the other is a confidence-building gesture, and should never be left out of the sight of recruiters.

6. Come up with an informal chat topic

Not only does the job interview matter, but also the informal chat that precedes it. Experts recommend avoiding clichés (such as the weather), finding common ground (perhaps you follow your interviewer on social media) and talking about the company culture (details that you see in the offices, such as events or meetings in the same ).

7. Practice your speech and don’t rush

Before we talked about body language, and verbal is just as important , or more. Nerves sometimes lead us to express ourselves in a monotonous way, so it is worth practicing the speech beforehand to be calmer , be more expressive and learn to slow down our pace.

8. Prepare a compliment that seems enthusiastic

Another thing interviewers like: that you are friendly and assertive at the same time. An interesting tip, even if it sounds a little ball, is to make some kind of compliment or enthusiastic comment about the work of the company, the person you meet with or your desire to work there.

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9. Ask why they have thought of you

Another one of these tricks to put your recruiter in your pocket is to ask why they have thought of you as a candidate for the position . Don’t be afraid to sound cheeky, as you’re drawing the team’s attention to you and encouraging them to remember the positive points they’ve seen on your profile.

10. Send a thank you email later

Another increasingly common recommendation among management specialists is to send a thank you email after the interview . Some believe that it may be insecure, but it is a deference to the work of the interviewers and you will be able to make yourself present for the selection.

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