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23 Best Interactive Online Remote Whiteboard Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2021


Point by point data, supportive surveys, estimating and evaluations on the best intuitive online distant whiteboard instruments including Lucidspark, Collaboard and whizwall. 

What is an interactive whiteboard? 

As indicated by Wikipedia, an intuitive whiteboard is an intelligent screen associated with a PC or a projector that can be controlled utilizing a pen, finger or another apparatus. An online distant whiteboard would then be the equivalent, however for far off work. 

For what reason do you need a far off whiteboard? 

On the off chance that you have ever been a piece of a meeting to generate new ideas, you know the significance of having a devoted spot to write down the entirety of your contemplations and thoughts. As is self-evident, only one out of every odd current association works in a co-found setting, wherein groups approach all the offices gave in an office climate – a whiteboard, devoted conceptualizing room, projector, speakers, mic, etc. With far off groups, it is troublesome and somewhat illogical to fabricate a particularly capital concentrated workspace at numerous areas. Applications, for example, RealtimeBoard fill a similar need mirroring a genuine whiteboard and meeting to generate new ideas. 

Features to look out for when choosing a remote whiteboard app:

  • Real-Time screen sharing
  • Easy integration with third-party apps like Slack and Drive
  • Infinite space on the board

An intelligent online distant whiteboard can serve the requests of associations across the globe that have received far off filling in just as the expanding requests of individuals progressing towards online training. A few, for example, Deskle, are even customized for your requirements alone by utilizing encounters from specialists in different businesses! 

We have painstakingly assembled an assortment of distant whiteboard devices that have the above highlights, yet much more, to make conceptualizing an overly fun action for you. To help you further, we have likewise made arrangements of astonishing items for synergistic anticipating, ongoing archive coordinated effort, and pair programming apparatuses.


From the makers of Lucidchart, Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard where teams can brainstorm, collaborate, and organize in real time to move their best ideas from ideation to reality


Our mission is to connect all the great talents around the world on an online whiteboard.Sketch your projects and your dreams on an unlimited canvas


Whizwall app users can draw, write and collaborate remotely on large, shared Augmented Reality whiteboards, using their mobile as an air mouse and replicating the experience of a physical whiteboard


Ayoa is an all-in-one online whiteboard where you can brainstorm ideas, work together and get things done


The Grapic app uses Augmented Reality to share what you draw with pen and paper directly to your online meetings, in real-time, so you can remote collaborate like you were in the same room


RealtimeBoard helps product teams, corporations, and consultancies to experience onsite collaboration in globally distributed teams.


Excelway brings together visual and analytical thinking to help distributed teams solve their most pressing problems. Brainstorm, vote, and measure consensus in the most structured and intuitive way

Explain Everything

The interactive whiteboard platform where people collaborate, share and learn without boundaries.


WebBoard is an online collaboration tool for teachers, instructors, managers, developers and designers. An app with a vast number of features which can make collaborating with your team seamless.


Deskle is a tailored workspace for visual thinking, research, and collaboration. We carefully collected experiences from experts in various industries to help you collaborate and iterate faster!


Miro is a cloud-based collaboration tool featuring a digital whiteboard that can be used for research, ideation, building customer journeys and user story maps, wireframing and a range of other collaborative activities


Real-time online brainstorming tool for meetings, workshops, conferences and the classroom!


Sketchboard is an endless online whiteboard, powered by your team’s ideas. Work with your team in real time and get immediate feedback.


A web application with easy-to-use features for drawing, editing, and sharing your ideas on the online whiteboard.

A Web Whiteboard

Whiteboard with others in your browser, in real-time.


A smart online whiteboard to collaborate quickly between teams with multiple features for a better experience.


An online whiteboard to enable easy collaboration between teams.


Ziteboard is an online whiteboard with shared boards and real-time collaboration

Invision Freehand

Freehand is an infinite whiteboard where teams can co-draw, wireframe, plan, present, and give feedback

Whiteboard Fox

A simple online whiteboard with features to draw, add text, and share to collaborate.


Transform your meetings company-wide with Stormboard’s innovative digital workspace

IPEVO Annotator

Maximize your creativity and fully utilize the potential of your interactive whiteboard by using IPEVO Annotator


LiveBoard is an interactive whiteboard app for online tutors and other educators worldwide to create, record, and share their lessons from anywhere and anytime

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