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4 basic daily routine cares to be more handsome than you already are

When we decide to establish a routine of basic care , the first thought that comes to mind is to discard all our acquired habits to adapt to completely new ones. Error! It is proven that completely changing our day to day to conform to something completely different and that is not to our liking leads us to end up abandoning the objective and returning to the known bad. However, making small adjustments or gradually introducing new habits for our benefit makes this adaptation to the environment easier.

In summary: taking care of ourselves does not imply changing our entire routine to conform to another , but rather integrating certain gestures into our daily routine to be more handsome than we already are. This does not mean that we should not do our part and take out all our willpower , but creating a progressive habit is the most effective in any part of our life. Now, what are those basic cares? Write down these four steps.

Sleep the necessary hours

The first step in your daily routine will be to make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep a day . This is not a whim, it will help you have energy for the whole day and regain your muscles from the previous day’s training

Sleeping for a few hours will have physical effects on you and your brain , from visible consequences on your skin to not having the necessary energy to give it your all in the gym and your scheduled activities during the day.

Plan your workouts

Mark your times, it is so important to be connected with your family, friends, work or social networks as stopping for a moment and dedicating a part of the day to yourself . 

The gym is one of the activities that will help you be more physically fit and release daily stress . It is important that you plan your workouts : establish schedules and a routine. The first will help you build a habit. The second will make it easier for you to work your body efficiently: exercising your muscles is as essential as letting them rest and allowing them to recover . 

Contrary to what people think, muscle grows and develops when letting it rest after generating the stress of training , that is why experts recommend planning workouts so as not to stress the same muscle group daily, which would boycott all our physical development.

Face care

Establishing a facial routine may sound crazy to many, but it’s as simple as having three or four basic products and knowing how to apply them in the correct order . Being a handsome face will not take you more than 10 minutes (5 minutes in the morning and another 5 at night). After a good shower, follow these four steps:

  1. Cleanser or micellar water : it will help us clean the face of dead skin, impurities or daily pollution and leave it ready to apply the other products.

  2. Eye contour : here there are two schools, who prefers to use it as a second product and who prefers to leave it for last. You put it when you put it on, the important thing is to apply it with light touches with the ring finger, the one with the least force, because the skin around the eye is more sensitive and it is preferable not to apply too much pressure.

  3. Serum : it will help to enhance the effects of the final moisturizer, so it is preferable to start using it as we approach 40 years of age.

  4. Moisturizing cream : as its name suggests, it hydrates our entire face. During the day they are usually lighter and, if they include a protection factor, they will protect us from solar radiation. You will recognize those at night for being generally denser and for exerting a deeper hydration by taking advantage of the cellular regeneration process that occurs during sleep.

Take care of your diet

Finally, and perhaps the most important step that completes all the previous ones, is feeding. You must make sure you follow a balanced diet that meets all your energy expenditure needs , mainly rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fats . This will not only help us to feed ourselves, but also to have the necessary energy for the whole day, recover from workouts and have better-looking skin. Also: How to add more fiber in your diet in 2020: Expert Advice

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