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13 Best File Hosting Websites for Remote Work for Entrepreneurs in 2020


What do you mean by file hosting websites?

File hosting websites are internet hosting services that allow users to access, modify, and share files in a safe and secure manner across the web.

Let’s consider the cloud war between the tech giants Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) Google Cloud, IBM and AliCloud. Irrespective of who wins this war, the competing cloud services offered by them to developers or enterprises typically boil down to these basic features:

  1. Storage – How much storage space does the file hosting website offer?
  2. Compatibility across devices – Is the service compatible across mobiles, devices, PC’s and laptops running on different OS’s?
  3. Compatibility across web browsers – Is the service compatible with different web browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Chrome?
  4. Secure File Sharing – Does the service offer any mechanism such as two factor authentication to share files securely?
  5. File Encryption – Does the service provide file/data encryption using methods such as 256-bit encryption?
  6. Cost – How much does the service charge to upgrade the storage limit or using additional features?

For remote teams, it becomes necessary to properly plan your choice of a file hosting website, especially because the nature of remote work involves a lot of file sharing with stakeholders distributed geographically. You would already know multiple instances of data leaks wherein unauthorized users had access to service user’s sensitive information.

Thus, in addition to using the above guidelines to use a particular file hosting website or service, you may also use the below parameters to make a decision:

  1. Disaster Recovery Services – In case of data loss from servers, does the service provide additional functionality to recover the lost data?
  2. Serverless File Sharing – Does the service use a decentralized solution like blockchain to counter the instances of data theft?
  3. Ease to Scale – How many additional users can be added when the remote team expands?

Below is our handpicked list of file hosting websites including not only trusted favorites like Dropbox and Google Drive, but also some lesser known, nonetheless great ones. Do check them all out and see which serves your need 😀

Dropbox Business is a central place to access and share files.
Google Drive
Store your files securely and open or edit them from any device using Google Drive.
Blockchain-based file transfer. Designed for everyday use.
Save your files and photos to OneDrive and access them from any device, anywhere.
A decentralized document manager with private sharing.
Files.fm provides secure, convenient and scalable data storage solutions helping business or private users to store and share files.
pCloud is your Personal or Professional cloud storage. All your photos, videos and documents are stored in one safe place and they are accessible on any device, wherever you go.
Simple, secure file sharing and collaboration from anywhere.
IDrive Inc. is a privately held company specializing in universal online backup products, serving the consumer, small business and enterprise markets with privacy-focused software and plans for multiple devices suited for the growing digital age.
File storage made easy – including powerful features you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re sharing photos, videos, audio, or docs, MediaFire can simplify your workflow.
DigiBoxx lets you manage your pictures, videos, documents, folders, assets on-the-go, on any device. It’s quick, secure, and easy on the pocket. Now collaborate with your photos, files, and folders
Sugar Sync
Automatically access and share your photos, videos, and files in any folder.
Use any device to securely access your files, share data and create time-saving workflows.
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