HealthNo Fear: How AD4M Defies the Odds

No Fear: How AD4M Defies the Odds

The COVID-19 pandemic has made victims of company after company and industry after industry. It seems no one is immune, both literally and figuratively. For many, it seems like one of the worst times to become an entrepreneur, much less try to dominate in an industry that has been largely shut down by the pandemic.

So, it would be a reasonable conclusion that not only launching a company, but going deep into the gym and health and fitness industry, would be the equivalent of entrepreneurial suicide.

However, one company has not only taken this leap, but has become a meteoric unicorn story.

AD4M is one of the world’s fastest growing gym equipment companies, with sales of over $1 million per month in its first year. AD4M has achieved these astounding results by an unorthodox and ingenious manufacturing process for their gym equipment.

The company’s founders, Vincent and Monika, met with the manufacturer overseas that was developing auto parts. Vincent and Monika negotiated with this manufacturer to use their machinery and raw machinery to produce gym equipment like barbells and dumbbells. Vincent and Monika helped the manufacturer see that this could become a highly profitable relationship, given that the product output would be significantly less to produce than the traditional route of designing and building gym equipment.

The process worked and the demand for their gym equipment was overwhelming. They dominated the gym equipment market with their ultra-low prices at a time when gyms were desperate for new equipment and trying to maintain their operations.

“My wife & I have been tackling all kinds of new challenges with manufacturing & importing equipment from overseas, and the logistical challenges of fulfilling 400-500 orders a day across the United States [are large]. Amazingly enough, [we’re doing this] all with five main products. If we can achieve this, the sky may be truly the limit,” explains Vincent.

Based in Casper, Wyoming and operating with a distribution center in San Jose, California, AD4M is one of the world’s fastest-growing gym equipment producers with projected revenues of $10 million this year… their first year.

Vincent explains, “[We have a] new line of gym equipment, sponsoring power lifting & strong man events, and a line of athletic wear [in the works]. We aim to leverage our early success to invest in building value & public awareness into our brand. The long term goal would definitely be to establish US-based manufacturing and go public.”

Florent Malice
Malice is an Irish sports journalist and former amateur and part-time road bicycle racer, He wrote for The Sunday Times newspaper and others, and published a number of books.

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