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Top 14 Tools for Standups for Remote Work for Entrepreneurs in 2021

Prior to getting into standups itself, we should comprehend somewhat about async. In straightforward terms, offbeat correspondence is correspondence that doesn’t occur continuously. Or then again when you needn’t bother with the other individual to be on the web. Think messages. Nonconcurrent correspondence ordinarily includes long-structure composing or discussions and is the most suggested type of correspondence for distant groups. 

In the event that you need not react promptly to your colleague’s question, that is nonconcurrent correspondence. You can look at this connect to get an exact comprehension of the distinction among simultaneous and nonconcurrent correspondence and its importance to far off groups. 

What has offbeat correspondence have to do with standups for far off groups? 

Not at all like co-found groups, distant groups don’t collect at one spot during standup meets. They require an essential arrangement/instruments to start correspondence. This cycle of reliably setting up the able mode to speak with the group is the thing that makes the correspondence offbeat.

Let us discuss some of the common themes observed around standup meetings:

  • Team members provide daily updates – Whether the team is remote or co-located, this is an activity which is common for both.
  • Caring for differences in time-zones – Remote teams often face the challenge of conducting standups taking into account the different time zones of the members.
  • Using File sharing/ Screen sharing functionality – For providing live demo/ updates
  • to the team leads, it is often required to share files or screenshots or even share your screen during the standup.
  • Short duration – Usually, standups are meant to be a quick run-through meet with a clear agenda.

Similarly as a quip, in a blog on Atlassian, standup gatherings are alluded as “The simplest gathering you’ll never rest through” 

Given the basic idea of standup gatherings, there is a wide scope of apparatuses intended to improve your experience and give the necessary highlights to empower joint effort. What are these, you inquire?

  • Automate standups using tools such as Status Hero and GeekBot
  • Share updates in the form of stories, commonly used in social media such as Instagram and Facebook. You can check out Standups for this!
  • Reports and analytics derived from tools already being used by your team such as Slack, Trello, and Jira.

We have carefully curated tools that can be used for standup meetings for distributed teams below :))


DailyBot organizes standup meetings, tracks your team motivation, and provides you with a work history dashboard saving you and your team valuable time. Hire DailyBot for free by adding him to your Slack or Hangouts Chat.


Join thousands of teams that use Geekbot to automate standups, surveys, and daily reports.


Create stand-ups inside of Slack for FREE!


Neo is a meeting workspaces platform for remote teams. With Neo, you can create agenda points before the meeting, take notes during the meeting and assign action items for follow up after the meeting


Sync with your remote team with simple, weekly work summaries.

Status Hero

Automated standups, reports, and insights. Status Hero integrates with your existing tools and automatically includes activity from Jira, GitHub, and other apps, making status updates quick and simple for your team. Use with Slack, email, or SMS.


The stories format has taken over social media and we translated the idea to the enterprise world.


A Slack app for your standup meetings.

I Done This

I Done This’s easy daily check-ins and progress reports makes running effective and productive teams easy.


Tatsu is a Slack app that helps a team conduct asynchronous, remote standup meetings.

Range App for Slack

Save time and keep your team connected, no matter where they’re working, with the Range app for Slack. Easily attach work from GitHub, GitLab, Asana, Jira, Trello, Google Docs and more


Jell is one platform for daily standups, team check ins, and OKRs. Keeps everyone in sync on Slack.


Armadill combines the best parts of Kanban workflow (top 3 priorities for each day) with automatic daily standups in order to provide remote teams with a transparent work structure


Flowist provides a simple view of your teammates daily tasks, helps you share important announcements, and helps everyone feel a bit more connected during this new normal

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