Entrepreneurship6 things to fight back against trouble at work

6 things to fight back against trouble at work

Constantly having trouble at work? You can defend yourself against these 6 things!

You put one overtime after the next, your colleague practices bullying and your boss regularly loses his temper: You don’t have to put up with everything at work. In such situations, however, if you are new to the job, you usually do not really know where to defend yourself – and may do so. 

Trouble at work for # 1 disrespectful treatment 

You don’t have to be yelled at – not even by your boss. Even if you made a big mistake, you have a right to your boss treating you with respect. He may of course point out mistakes, but not insult or abuse you. (Also read:Top Most 4 Best Support Ticketing Tools for Remote Work for Entrepreneurs in 2021)

Important: If your boss is a choleric, stay calm! If you get loud and scold back now, the situation can escalate quickly. Better to use a calm voice to point out to your boss that you would like to be more friendly. Sometimes it is also better to clarify the situation afterwards, when your boss has calmed down.

The main problem is if your boss freaks out and insults you – possibly even in front of others. In this case, seek help, for example from a superior.

Trouble at work because of # 2 overtime without compensation

Actually, you only have to work overtime in exceptional cases , unless your employment contract regulates overtime. However, the reality in most companies is different: Overtime is often the order of the day – and because nobody protests, everyone goes along with it. (Also interesting:29 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps for Remote Work for Entrepreneurs in 2021)

But be careful that it doesn’t get too much. This is especially true if you do not receive any financial or time compensation for the overtime or if it is not even recorded. If you are unsure how to act, take a colleague in confidence.

Trouble at work because of # 3 bullying

As a newcomer, you are initially in the weakest position in the team – and in almost every company there are colleagues who take advantage of this. Don’t let yourself be too much, seek help in good time if the behavior of others towards you should turn into bullying . In such a case, your boss can help, for example. Perhaps there is also psychological counseling in your company, which can also be of good support. (Also worth reading:How to Start a WordPress Blog)

Trouble at job about # 4 about surveillance

In some companies, a micro-control is carried out that not only relates to work results, but also to the behavior of individual employees in the workplace. This may be used to track which programs you open or which websites you use on your computer. There may even be a keylogger installed that records everything you type. However, this is not permitted – or only within very narrow limits, for example if there is a suspicion that you are seriously violating your duties as an employee. 

There are also very strict legal limits for the use of cameras in the workplace : Camera recordings are not permitted – unless you work at a special workplace such as a bank counter.

Trouble at work because of # 5 disregard for vacation and free time

Free time is free time is free time. You do n’t have to be available on your vacation . The reality is different for many employees who check e-mails and take calls even when they are actually free. (Also Read:The best smartwatches under 100 euros not to be missed)

However, you are not legally obliged to do so. Nor can you simply be summoned back to work from vacation. However, there is an exception for certain occupational groups such as paramedics who are on standby. By the way, you don’t have to work if you stayed at home sick, because you should recover so that you can get well again quickly.

Your boss can, however, dictate when you take your vacation . So you cannot design the planning completely freely, you have to coordinate. For example, it is possible that part of your vacation takes the form of company holidays. However, you must be able to take your vacation for at least twelve consecutive days regardless of the company vacation. 

Trouble at work because # 6 your colleagues want to take advantage of you

Quickly step in for the colleague who has failed, take on an unpopular shift or even mop up coffee that someone else has spilled? Caution – set limits here in good time. You don’t have to take over everything that is brought to you. Everybody’s Darling is not respected, but unfortunately often exploited.

So learn to say no and reject unpleasant tasks every now and then – especially if you already have a lot to do yourself. Especially those who are new to the team want to please everyone first. However, those who put up with everything don’t deserve respect. On the contrary, it becomes more and more difficult to work your way out of this position again later. (Also worth reading:61 Best Employee Management Tools for Remote Work for Entrepreneurs in 2020)

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