EntrepreneurshipThe first week at work: avoid these 6 mistakes

The first week at work: avoid these 6 mistakes

The time has finally come: Day X has come and the first working week begins. Most young professionals look to their new job with great expectations, full of curiosity and often with a little fear. Especially at the beginning, you want to prove yourself and get on well with the new situation – but often don’t really know how things are going in working life.

There are typical mistakes that newcomers make in their first week. If you avoid this, nothing should stand in the way of a successful start in professional life:

Mistake # 1: appearing late or late

Actually a matter of course: Set off early enough that you will definitely be on time at work in the first week of work – even if a train fails or you get caught in a traffic jam. Especially at the beginning it is important that you are not late, because a bad first impression can hardly be corrected later. (Also read:6 things to fight back against trouble at work)

After a few days you will be able to better estimate the traffic. If, despite good planning, something should happen to you, call your employer early on and let him know. Apologize for the lack of punctuality, even if you weren’t responsible for the delay.

Conversely, you shouldn’t show up too early at work. If you report to the gate on the first day an hour before the start of work, that doesn’t make a good impression either: your boss and your colleagues are not yet attuned to you at all – or are not even present themselves. If you get there very early, take a walk or wait in the car while listening to music. It is completely sufficient if you arrive at the company 15 minutes before you start working. (Also interesting:Millennials are mindfully building their way to stronger minds)

Mistake # 2: Don’t ask questions

Nobody expects you to know immediately how everything works in the company. Therefore, do not make this expectation of yourself, but ask if you do not understand something or are unsure. It is important that you show initiative . So try to find the solution yourself first.

But don’t be afraid to seek help if you get stuck. In the beginning, questions are not only forgiven, but it is assumed that you do your research. If, on the other hand, you don’t ask and it takes weeks to find out that you don’t know how some things are going in the company, that doesn’t throw a good light on you. (Also worth reading:21 Most Inspirational Quotes on Life to Empower You To Succeed)

Mistake # 3: suggesting improvements

Have you noticed any spelling mistakes on the company’s website, the voting process seems cumbersome and the meetings actually lead nowhere? Better keep that to yourself for now. Of course you start your new task full of motivation and would like to do everything as well as possible.

However , do not make any suggestions for improvement in the first week , but take a quiet look at the processes in the company. If you want to do everything better right from the start, implicitly criticise your new company. Better to wait first : Your colleagues may have long been working on the points that are bothering you. It can be quite annoying when the newbie knows everything better in the first week. (Also Read:Top 7 Market Research tools for Entrepreneurs in 2020)

Mistake # 4: Quitting work too early

Your employment contract says that you work eight hours a day – so pack your things on time and get going. If only it weren’t for the astonished looks from your colleagues who are all still sitting at their desks. Orientate yourself to your colleagues when it comes to working hours . 

This also applies to the breaks : do not exceed the break times at all – and do not take breaks too often at the beginning. Watch how your colleagues handle this. It’s best to take a break together anyway and go to the canteen with your colleagues, because this way you get to know the entire team better – and don’t run the risk of coming back later than everyone else. (Also interesting: Top 5 Business Insurance tools for Entrepreneurs in 2020 and How to choose the right insurance)

Mistake # 5: Acting as a know-it-all

What your colleagues are guaranteed not to want to hear: “At the university we learned it that way…” Hold back on what you think you know – because theory and practice are often two fundamentally different things. Your colleagues have their routines that they have worked in for a long time. Nobody wants to be told that they are doing something wrong or bad – and certainly not by someone who has only been with the company for a few days.

Here, too, you should first observe the work and learn from your colleagues . There is still enough time later to contribute your knowledge, provided it is really practical and improves or simplifies things significantly. (Also worth reading: Top 4 Search Engine Optimization tools for Entrepreneurs that people don’t know about in 2020)

Mistake # 6: hanging on your smartphone

In the first few days in particular, it is important that you put your smartphone aside and not be constantly active in social media or post there what is happening at the end of the day. You are now at work – your private life has taken a break. 

Also turn off all automatic notifications and sounds so as not to disturb yourself and others. In time, you will find out how much cell phone use is okay in your business. But especially at the beginning it is important that you are cautious here. (Also read:Top 10 Task Management & To Do Lists tools for Entrepreneurs in 2020)

What else is important in the first week of work

A few more tips can help you get started: When choosing clothes for your first day at work, it is best to use what the other participants wore during the interview. If you can’t remember, do some research on the company website: Often there is an area like “About Us” that shows the employees.

At the beginning it may happen that your area of ​​responsibility is not yet precisely defined. This can lead to either being idle or being overwhelmed with tasks by colleagues. In the beginning it is perfectly fine to do research or run errands, for example. However, you can refuse such orders from your colleagues as soon as these tasks collide with your own work.

Conversely, it will always happen that you finish an activity faster than expected. In this case, do not sit around emphatically inactive, but become active by organizing work yourself. If you really can’t think of anything, contact your team leader or your boss. However, in most cases it is better to find a task for yourself. (Also interesting: Top 6 Spreadsheet & Database Management tools for Entrepreneurs And Best Spreadsheet Applications in 2020 )

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