Entrepreneurship Top 5 Business Insurance tools for Entrepreneurs in 2020...

Top 5 Business Insurance tools for Entrepreneurs in 2020 and How to choose the right insurance


Businesses are prone to losses – that is, accidents or unforeseen events – which can have unfortunate consequences, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These range from economic losses to the definitive closure of its premises. In this scenario, the question arises: How to choose the right insurance to protect my business?

Just as an entrepreneur strives to keep his business afloat by making it stand out from the competition, he also has to think about protecting it through insurance against any unforeseen event, such as natural disasters.

Here are the top Business Insurance tools for Entrepreneurs:

Here are four recommendations, so that you can choose the most appropriate product to protect your business.

Analyze your business well It

may seem very obvious, but you must know your company upside down and backwards so that you can ask yourself questions such as: What protection needs do I have? What potential dangers am I exposed to? What products or services do I offer? What growth projections do I have? How much does citizen insecurity affect me? 

Knowing the weaknesses of your company, as well as its growth prospects, will help you make the most appropriate decision. Natural disasters should also be taken into account. Jorge Giha, the head of Pyme y Hogar, indicated that currently around 5% of SMEs have insurance that includes protection against earthquakes and tsunamis.

Not all are the same.

Try to choose an insurance that has a wide coverage and is in line with the needs of your company. Don’t think of an option just because other entrepreneurs you know have chosen it. 

The growing dynamism of small and medium-sized Peruvian companies has generated new insurance needs for businesses. Therefore, our Business Protection insurance offers a wide range of coverage to protect from the property and merchandise to the business’s content.

Evaluate what services they offer you

Before deciding between one insurance or another, it is recommended that you compare the options offered by the market. Evaluate the services they offer you, the coverages and the additional benefits.

Define your budget and how much you are willing to invest to insure your business.

Insurance has a prevention function, it serves as a backup in the event of a claim, so more than an expense, it is an investment. 

For example, if you suffered a theft of S / 15,000, for a deductible payment of S / 1,500, the insurance would respond for the amount stolen, which would allow you to recover your business quickly and continue moving forward.

In addition, you have benefits that you can use while your insurance is valid and at no additional cost, such as medical transportation by ambulance for an emergency or business accident; “Aló Doctor” service, 24-hour emergency services such as plumbers, electricians, glaziers and locksmiths to contain damages; legal advice for tax, criminal, legal and family assistance, permits, procedures and licenses through a call center; and free annual medical check-up for the business owner, which includes 2 tests that will be chosen between cholesterol, glucose or triglycerides.

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