Parents Are Shedding COVID-19-Fueled Weight Gain with Help of...

Parents Are Shedding COVID-19-Fueled Weight Gain with Help of Fitness Personality Allegra Paris

The Quarantine 15 is a real reality for so many people around the world today, as people do their best to eat well and exercise being forced to work at home. Plenty of studies and testimonies from doctors have detailed that most clients have gained five, 10, and even 30 pounds during social distancing mandates, as people who were once used to walking 6,000 to 8,000 steps per day are now sitting at home, in the same chair day after day.

Perhaps hit the hardest by this pandemic and shutdown of schools has been the parents who are now trying to juggle work, raise their kids, teach their kids, and manage a household that is never empty. Although we had no warning coronavirus was imminent, parents are certainly doing their best to accommodate in such a short amount of time.

The problem is that stretching parents in so many directions today has made it nearly impossible for them to care about their personal health, weight, and exercise. When a 14-hour day kicks off at 6AM as the kids get up and expect not only breakfast, but also help with their morning curriculum, parents are crying out for help. In order to be the best possible parents they can be to their kids, they need to feel good, look good, and invest in their bodies. How is that possible when there certainly not enough hours in the day?

Fitness for You

Well, it starts with a fitness and nutrition program that is built around their lives, not the other way around. That’s the only way it’s going to be possible today, said fitness influencer, personality, and celebrity trainer, Allegra Paris. Known for her collaborations with TechnoGym, Under Armour, Nike, and Bandier, as well as her recent charity work with No Kid Hungry, Allegra is working to get the word out there about the dangers of COVID-19 weight gain and keeping it unchecked.

“Social distancing is going on for much longer than we all anticipated, which is why it’s time for us to adapt and change to this new normal so we can protect our bodies and invest in our health,” said Allegra. “That’s why I’ve created a transformational program that is built around the client – they don’t have time to worry about creating their personal workout routine anymore. It’s crunch time, and I’m here to support these parents.”

With no time for themselves, parents are snacking on unhealthy food, missing meals and workouts, and sitting around as a form of activity. Allegra has therefore created workout programs that are geared towards this new lifestyle, with exercises that can be done with zero equipment, right at home.

As an all-inclusive program that includes macronutrient calculations, measurement tracking, fitness, and nutrition, Allegra has developed diet plans that detail exactly what parents should be eating based on their personal statistics, preferences, and lifestyle. In an effort to make the training easier on parents, specifically, Allegra is offering flexible scheduling so she can check it at least one-to-two times per week in an effort to maintain accountability.

As part of the transformation program, Allegra is also including her latest published e-book: Macronutrients: Taking Control of Your Diet & Eating for Results.Since most individuals today are unaware of what macronutrients are and why they matter, the in-depth e-book dives into the breakdown of macros, how to track them, and how to eat in a way that is beneficial to energy gain, and weight loss.

“Our educational systems fail to equip us with basic nutritional understanding, which is why so many adults, and now parents, are unaware of how to work with their body’s needs,” said Allegra. “I made this e-book in a quick, simple format for parents who barely have enough time to sleep every night. Health and fitness should be easy for everyone.”

Instead of turning to food, by the end of the program, parents will be able to turn to yoga, stretching, fitness, and premade healthy snacks, courtesy of Allegra’s one-on-one approach. It’s time for parents to feel supported, starting with their health.

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