Press ReleaseHelion Ventures Invests In CIFD, native utility coin of...

Helion Ventures Invests In CIFD, native utility coin of CIFDAQ 

DUBAI, UAE, October 292022, ZEXPRWIRE, CIFDAQ, the complete blockchain ecosystem, is officially going to commence the coin sale round for its native coin CIFD starting with the launch of the SEED round on the 29th of October 2022. 

CIFDAQ, the evolution of an innovative blockchain ecosystem will target institutional Investors, Venture Capitalists, Family Offices, UHNI’s, and more. This will serve as the unique engine to create value for each ecosystem component introduced by CIFDAQ. The minimum investment to participate in the seed round is 100K USD.

Helion Ventures, a Dubai-based Venture Capital Blockchain Fund, and a leading financial player in the Blockchain Space invested in CIFD, the native coin of CIFDAQ, the complete blockchain ecosystem, which would allow for the emergence of the markets for CIFDAQ in UAE and Helion Ventures entering the Indian market. 

CIFD Coin Sales Mechanics:

  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 Coins
  • CIFD Coin Sale Allocation: 7%, up to CGE and listing in TIER 1 Exchanges.
  • Go-To-Market Rounds: Seed, Private, Strategic, Presale, and Public Sale ( IEO).
  • CIFD Cost Module: $1 subject to X% discount during every round of coin sale.

CIFDAQ Blockchain Ecosystem will be going live with the phase one launch in Q2-2023 internationally in 200+ countries and India in a country-centric approach. CIFDAQ will launch with a plethora of innovative blockchain products to begin with: CIFDAQ CEX, CIFDAQ Blockchain, CIFDAQ NFT Marketplace, CIFerse Metaverse, CIFDAQ Pay, CIFDAQ Wallet, CIFDAQ UNLEARN Academy, and Multi-Functional CIFDAQ Launch Pad. 

The Co-Founder and CEO of Helion Ventures, Mr. Oliver Von Wolff said, ‘We are happy to announce that having been the first investors in the SEED round for CIFD, the native coin of CIFDAQ, the evolution of innovative blockchain ecosystem, we can easily picture the success they will have internationally and in India with their complete blockchain ecosystem, and we want to support them within Dubai’s Ecosystem and have them grow bigger and expand globally“. 

The Founder and Chairman of CIFDAQ, Mr. Himanshu Maradiya added, “Over my 25 years of being an established business leader in the segments of Real Estate, International Finance & Investment and trading in all the verticals I believe that CIFDAQ, with its native coin CIFD, is the evolution of an innovative blockchain ecosystem. This commencement of the coin seed round will open investment opportunities across the globe. Helion Ventures’ investment in CIFD, the native coin of CIFDAQ, will pave the way for great success of CIFDAQ, the complete Blockchain Ecosystem. ”. 

About Helion Ventures 

Helion Ventures is a venture capital based in Dubai, regulated by DIFC. They focus on investing in early-stage tokens/coins, Fintech/Blockchain projects, Metaverse, and DeFi in the MENA region and Africa.  

They have been a part of the region’s Ecosystem with strong connections and roots in the Middle East ever since 1999.

Helion Ventures sees itself as a venture capitalist & builder with entrepreneurial values for a select segment of investors.

Helion Ventures pride itself in having access to the future unicorns of the market, and in cooperation with its partners’ networks. They can also be present in the growth of the companies throughout their entire journey.

Visit Helion Ventures website for more information:


CIFDAQ is a blockchain project that offers to create a new Paradigm of scalable and smart blockchain-based systems. Through its ecosystems, it will connect everything that will be required to scale up the blockchain industry. 

CIFDAQ will include the legal and technical frameworks, will maintain standards & interoperability, and have a diverse representative mix of individuals and institutions in the crypto & blockchain industry.

The CIFDAQ blockchain ecosystem consists of several modules & products, tightly interlinked to provide synergetic adjacencies through its innovative CIFD coin. This will serve as the unique engine to create value for each ecosystem component introduced by CIFDAQ, the evolution of  innovative blockchain ecosystem.

The Co-founder and Global CEO of CIFDAQ, Mr. Rahul Maradiya mentions,“ CIFDAQ represents a complete blockchain ecosystem that will act as a  medium for cryptocurrency investors to invest their funds with a great user interface and prompt customer support.”

CIFDAQ blockchain ecosystem aims to be a game changer in the blockchain and crypto domain by introducing a fully compliant blockchain ecosystem that will alter several domains. The ecosystem will ensure the security of users’ funds invested in a fully compliant manner.

Powered by blockchain technology, the CIFDAQ blockchain ecosystem will be decentralized and therefore user-centric growing further with innovations. The new ecosystem will allow businesses and entrepreneurs to build and run industry-specific applications and software systems to support their business transactions.

Visit the CIFDAQ websites for more information:,,

For questions or inquiries on CIFDAQ email:

[email protected], [email protected].

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