Press ReleasePinup Studio Talks About Fall Hair Care

Pinup Studio Talks About Fall Hair Care

Raleigh, NC, 29th October 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Fall is the season when the weather can be especially hard on human hair. As fall begins, the weather changes and so does the hair. The cooler, drier air can make our hair feel brittle and dry. The humidity begins to drop and the air gets drier, which can lead to frizz, split ends, and general damage. But don’t despair! Because with professional hair stylists taking care of the hair, people have absolutely no reason to fret or worry about their hair drying up and breaking.

Pinup Studio provides its customers with a lot of hair supplies to combat this season. The hair supplies include masks for dry hair, proper shampoo, conditioners, and oils. The professionals at Pinup Studio know how to properly take care of fall hair, and they also have the expertise to help their customers maintain vibrant dark hair color during fall.

There are ways to care for our hair during fall so that it stays healthy and hydrated all season long. Here are some tips from Pinup Studio:

  1. Purchase a quality conditioner: A good conditioner is essential for fall hair care. The crisp air can cause static and frizz, which leads to dryness with time! Look for one that is hydrating and will help to repair any damage that has been done to the hair over the summer.
  1. Use a leave-in conditioner: In addition to using a regular conditioner, also use a leave-in conditioner or hair treatment. This will help to keep the hair hydrated and prevent it from getting too dry. Instead of adding water, these leave-in conditioners include mild formulas that respond to the hair type and will provide the perfect amount of moisture for the hair.
  1. Don’t wash the hair every day: Washing the hair every day can strip it of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. It’s more preferable if individuals can wash their hair every other day or perhaps simply once a week.
  1. Avoid using heat on the hair: If at all possible, stay away from heat styling appliances since they can harm the hair. If a person must style with heat, it is advised to use a heat-protectant treatment first and then style on a low setting.
  1. Get routine haircuts: Regular haircuts (every 6 to 8 weeks) are essential for keeping a healthy hair. Trims maintain the hair looking its finest by removing split ends.

“In addition to the hair care tips, we also provide our customers with hair oils and hair treatment masks. The natural protein in the hair mask improves the hair’s capacity to retain moisture, combat frizz, and promote shine.” – Pinup Studio’s CEO, Christina Kirkey.

By following these fall hair care tips, anyone can help to keep their hair healthy and prevent it from becoming dry and damaged. For more information or to schedule an appointment, people that would love to have their hair handled by the professionals at Pinup Studio can call them up or visit their website to book other services.

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