Press ReleaseReal-World Asset Tokenization MVP Pre-Launch by Opu-lenceX in Dubai

Real-World Asset Tokenization MVP Pre-Launch by Opu-lenceX in Dubai

Dubai, UAE, 6th November 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, OpulenceX is thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated pre-launch event of their Real-World Asset Tokenization Platform. This groundbreaking development is set to revolutionize the world of decentralized finance and trade finance. With a focus on real-world asset tokenization, OpulenceX is poised to provide a seamless bridge between traditional assets and the digitalization, geared to opening up new possibilities for investors and businesses alike.


OpulenceX Real-World Asset Tokenization is a configurable pre-built low-code app that enables customization based on your Business use case and deploys your Business logic on Blockchain Network in a few clicks without worrying about creating and maintaining any smart contracts. The platform designed to streamline asset tokenization, that will effectively cater to the evolving requirements of a global user base and shaping the future of the digital economy. This innovative solution will empower international organizations and businesses to establish their private enterprise blockchain networks, facilitating the deployment of pre-configured asset tokenization applications, the integration of custom chain codes and smart contracts, and seamless incorporation with existing tech stacks via user-friendly REST APIs. The portal will be constructed on the secure and dependable infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), operating within Hyperledger Fabric.


OpulenceX Technology is not just advanced but user-friendly. It merge the complexities of blockchain with an interface that’s a breeze to navigate – Hyperledger Fabric (AWS) to ensure security and interoperability; Configurable Apps for Adaptability as a key feature, catering to diverse business needs; Easy API Integration for Seamless combined existing technology stacks.Mel Pint, Founder and CEO of OpulenceX

The pre-launch event for OpulenceX’s Real-World Asset Tokenization Platform on November 1st, 2023 in Dubai, UAE was characterized by effective networking and an expanded reach. This exclusive gathering brought together a diverse array of industry professionals, investors, and key stakeholders, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations. The event’s participants engaged in insightful discussions, sharing their enthusiasm for the platform’s potential to transform the financial landscape. The positive energy and shared vision demonstrated at the pre-launch underscore the anticipation and excitement surrounding the official launch, promising a bright future for this innovative project.



OpulenceX is an agnostic blockchain solutions provider that offers a DeFi platform steeped in the realm of web3 specialized in leveraging blockchain technology. Despite being relatively new, their zeal has already led to the successful launch of the OPX NFT marketplace on the XRP Ledger, positioning themselves among the top 10 projects on the XRP Ledger network.

OpulenceX aims to expand their solutions by designing, developing a new decentralized and cutting-edge Real-World Asset Tokenization (RWA) platform that simplifies the complex landscape of asset tokenization to conveniently meet the evolving needs of global users and shape the digital economy’s future.

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