Press ReleaseWeb3preneur: Leading the Next Wave of Entrepreneurship

Web3preneur: Leading the Next Wave of Entrepreneurship

Bengaluru, India, Dec 4, 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, In an era defined by digital transformation and decentralized technologies, the global business landscape is undergoing a profound shift with the proliferation of the concept of Web3. Entrepreneurs in this space are looking at a quick turnaround of their idea into a global business. This can only happen when there are meaningful & focussed interactions between the right set of people, overcoming the mundane get-togethers and embracing purposeful entrepreneurial connections.

Enter “Web3preneur”, a revolutionary initiative by BlockOn Group & powered by NuFi Ecosystem, that will bring together upcoming Web3 entrepreneurs & startups, investors, visionaries, and change-makers, on a common platform that will focus on 5 key parameters of business building – Growth, Development, Partnerships, Raise & Revenue.

This is not just an event, it is a business networking with a business agenda.

The Pitfalls of Current Event Formats

  • Long Speeches, Panels, and Distractions lead to reduced participation while extended talks and diversions deter active engagement.

  • Overwhelming content inhibits retention and meaningful learning.

  • Absence of practical takeaways and connections diminishes event impact.

  • Unorganised breaks hinder effective relationship-building.

  • Generic content fails to cater to diverse attendee needs.

  • Dull delivery stifles productive exchanges.

  • Formal sessions can lead to missed opportunities as strict structures limit spontaneous learning opportunities.

  • Valuable connections fade away post-event as lack of follow-up causes initial connections to lose significance.

Understanding Web3preneur

Web3preneur, organised by BlockOn Group & powered by NuFi Ecosystem is a premium Stage-Less, Speaker-Less, No-Frills business networking event series with an outcome driven agenda for the Web3 Industry. The event series aims to be the Global growth catalyst for Web3 entrepreneurs with a central theme focussing on: Growth, Development, Partnerships, Raise & Revenue – for each participant.

We believe, Web3preneur will change the way business in Web3 will be built.

Structuring the event

Onboarding the best: Out of the total participation for the entire series, Web3preneur will aim to bring the following combinations of companies / projects on board the entire series:

50% – Investors & VCs

10% – Web3 infrastructure & technologies

10% – CEXs & DEXs

15% – Other Categories e.g. Influencers, growth masters

15% – Startups, Entrepreneurs

Reverse Pitch: We are going to flip the model of pitching. Instead of startups this time, we might provide the platform to the VCs to pitch to the startups. This reverse pitch will be a departure from spotlighting startups as usual, and introduce a paradigm shift that places venture capitalists at the forefront. By empowering investors to showcase their vision and expertise, we aim to forge a dynamic environment where collaboration, insight, and partnership flourish in unprecedented ways.

Building a Treasury: For Startups that are interested in, but not able to provide sponsorship to this event, BlockOn Group is open to taking a strategic token allocation in the company. By opting to this path, BlockOn Group, and the startups – can align incentives and forge a symbiotic partnership that paves the way for mutual growth and success.

Unveiling Global Success: Web3Preneur Triumphs Across Continents

The Web3Preneur series, a global force in the dynamic landscape of blockchain and Web3 technology, has triumphed across Korea, Singapore, Dubai, and Thailand. These editions, serving as beacons of success, have not only demonstrated the potential of a decentralized future but have also become pivotal gatherings for industry leaders, investors, and innovators. From Korea Blockchain Week to Token 2049 in Singapore, the Web3Preneur series has illuminated the path forward, attracting over 100 venture capitalists, 500 Web3preneurs, & CXOs, showcasing its unparalleled ability to unite top-tier professionals shaping the future of Web3 and blockchain.

What’s Next? Web3preneur India Edition Takes the Stage

As we conclude this year’s series, the upcoming Web3preneur India Edition, organised by BlockOn & powered by NuFi Ecosystem is positioned to leave a lasting impact during the second edition of India Blockchain Week. Following its global success in Korea, Singapore, Dubai, and Thailand, the series has garnered significant anticipation for this next milestone in the Web3Preneur journey. The overwhelming response is evident, with RSVPs surpassing the venue capacity sevenfold, highlighting the tremendous interest in shaping the future of Web3. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to play a pivotal role in the global Web3 revolution. Join us on this journey of innovation and transformation!

Exclusive Partners

Web3preneur is also proud to have the following exclusive partners who are providing immense value to the event series with their valuable contributions and skills:

Exclusive PR Partner – ZexPRwire – A premium Press Release Distribution SAAS platform, which syndicates press release content to Tier 1,2 & 3 media outlets globally. They have partnered with more than 500+ Media outlets and is a 99% automated platform which can be used by any marketing or PR team in a firm or even by individual PR agencies and marketing firms too for conducting and managing PR campaigns of their clients.

Web3 Marketing Partner – Blockting – A Web3 Marketing Services company having deep insights and belief in the Blockchain space and technology. They are a Blockchain-centric community of passionate young minds who evangelise Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, and NFT products to bring more visibility and promote innovative ideas through marketing expertise and domain excellence.

About BlockOn Group

BlockOn Group has been a pioneer in the Web3 event space since 2017 leading the space in organising over 99 events all over the world catering to over 50K attendees and over 2000 speakers having graced its events. BlockOn’s events cover many formats that have provided a platform to over 75 partners and 650+ sponsors to showcase their products & services. As a worldwide blockchain venture builder/VC firm BlockOn has provided incubation, acceleration and advisory support to global innovators with blockchain-based visions since 2013. BlockOn Group has a strong Blockchain focused ecosystem with 15+ portfolio companies in Singapore, UAE, Gift City in India, Thailand, and Dubai. They have established a Blockchain Center in Malaysia that promotes a better ecosystem for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain companies by leveraging its network, infrastructure, visibility and, of course, the fuel of funds.

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About ICP ( Dfinity Foundation)

The Internet Computer adds autonomous serverless cloud functionality to the public Internet – making it possible to build almost any system or service entirely on a decentralized network using “canister software,” an evolution of smart contracts.

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