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Canada Visa For Denmark, Israel, Germany, France And Greece Citizens


Being a part of the European Union means that citizens of Denmark do not need a visa to visit Canada. Nevertheless, Canada introduced the electronic travel authorization (eTA) program in 2016 to monitor incoming travelers as a result of increasing terrorist activities worldwide. Hence, individuals with Danish passports are now required to secure either an eTA or a visa prior to traveling to Canada. Danish citizens planning to visit Canada briefly for tourism, business, transit, or medical reasons are required to fill out the online eTA application form. The Electronic Travel Authorization is used as a travel permit for Danish nationals traveling to Canada. To recap, despite being a part of the EU, Danish citizens still require a Canadian electronic travel permit as a part of heightened security protocols. Because the Canadian eTA is a multiple-entry visa waiver, applicants can enter Canada as many times as they want for a total stay of days or up to 180 days each visit. The Canadian eTA is linked to your Danish passport online. The tourist visa from Denmark to Canada is valid for five years or until your passport expires (whichever comes first). The Canadian eTA application process is simple and takes less than 30 minutes. All you need is a computer or other electronic device and an internet connection.

Requirements Of Canada Visa for The Citizens of Denmark

  • A valid travel document or passport with validity of minimum of six months starting from the date of your arrival.

  • A valid email address, to receive the Canada eTA in their inbox.

  • A valid credit or debit card or PayPal account to pay for the Canada eTA.


French citizens, along with individuals from more than 50 other visa-free nations, have been able to request the Canadian eTA since it was established in 2015. French travelers can visit Canada for tourism, business, family visits, or transit without needing a visa, thanks to this electronic travel authorization. The fast and convenient online application system benefits French citizens by simplifying their entry into Canada. The eTA for Canada, or Canada Electronic Travel Authorization, is a visa exemption for French citizens. French tourists and business travelers must possess an approved visa waiver to remain in Canada for a maximum of six months, whether for business purposes or leisure. French travelers can enjoy many advantages with the Canadian eTA. First, French citizens can stay in Canada for a maximum of 6 months at a time with their Canadian eTA. The Canadian eTA for French citizens is valid for 5 years or until the traveler’s passport expires (whichever comes first). The Canada Travel Permit is a multiple-entry visa waiver and allows French travelers to enter and exit Canada as many times as they wish during its period of validity. Thanks to an online initiative by the Canadian government, French citizens no longer have to go through a lengthy application process to obtain a Canada visa waiver from France. French travelers can obtain the eTA for Canada by filling out a simple online application form. The system is easy to use and filling out the form usually takes no more than 15 minutes.


  • Valid Passport: A valid bio-metric passport. Each applicant must be in possession of a bio-metric passport with a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of entry into Canada.

  • Email Address: You must provide a valid email address as the ETA confirmation will be emailed in PDF format. Although the ETA is electronically linked to your passport and you don’t need a physical copy, most people prefer to print one out just in case.

  • Means of payment: You can use a credit or debit card to pay for your eTA fees.


The eTA for Canada is an electronic visa waiver system permitting German nationals to travel to Canada. Germany is among more than 50 countries where citizens have access to a simplified procedure to get travel authorization for Canada, avoiding the lengthy traditional visa application process at an embassy. In 2015, the Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) was implemented with a duration of five years. The German eTA can be used for tourism, business, and travel activities in Canada. Each time you enter, a legitimate Canadian eTA enables you to remain in Canada for up to 180 days. It enables German nationals to apply online for a visa to Canada. Since the Canadian eTA is a multiple-entry document, travelers from Germany can use it to enter and exit Canada as often as they like, as long as it is within the period of validity of the Canadian eTA. Thanks to a recent initiative by the Canadian government, it’s now easier than ever to obtain a visa waiver to visit Canada via the online eTA application, eliminating the hassle of applying for a visa in person at a Canadian diplomatic office.


  • Passport: All German citizens must have a valid German passport, with at least 6 months’ validity, in order to get a Canadian eTA visa.

  • Email: you will receive your document by email. So, provide a valid email. When you get your ETA, you are not required to have a physical copy of you, but if you want, you can still print one out.

  • Payment: You can use a debit or credit card to pay for the eTA application fees.


All Greek citizens must possess a visa or visa waiver to legally enter Canada. Greek nationals are required to obtain a Canadian eta visa in order to travel to Canada for tourism, business layovers, or medical reasons. Just submit an application for an eta to gain access and stay in Canada. In 2016, the Canadian government introduced the online visa waiver eta for Greek citizens, which can be acquired by completing an application form. Greece has approved a multiple-entry Canadian visa waiver, which permits the holder to stay in Canada for a maximum of six months each time they enter through an airport. Once your Canadian eta visa waiver is approved, it will be digitally connected to the Greek passport that was utilized for the application process. The Canadian Tourist Travel Authorization (Canadian eTA) is valid for five years or until the expiration of the associated passport (whichever comes first). The Canadian eTA for Greek citizens can be applied for online to obtain an approved travel authorization electronically linked to the traveler’s passport, eliminating the need to visit an embassy or consulate to submit a visa application.


  • A valid passport – All Greek citizens must have a valid bio-metric passport issued by the Greek government with at least 6 months’ validity, in order to get a Canadian eTA visa.

  • Personal information – While filling out the application, all travelers will need to provide information about themselves such as their personal information (address, contact information), their occupation and employment, information about their passport, and their travel details.

  • A valid email address to receive the eTA in their Inbox.

  • A valid form of payment – You can use a debit or credit card to pay for the eTA application fees.


Israeli nationals planning to travel to Canada for tourism, business, connecting flights, or medical reasons are required to obtain a Canada eTA visa. In 2015, the eTA system was introduced by the Canadian government, allowing passengers from more than 50 countries, including Israel, to travel. The necessity of a visa to enter Canada is based on the duration and reason for the trip. Israeli citizens must secure a visa when visiting Canada for a brief stay. Since August 2015, individuals visiting Canada for business, transit, or tourism purposes and staying less than six months are required to obtain an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). Israeli travelers in transit through a Canadian airport on the way to another place are eligible for the Canadian eTA. Israeli travelers should be aware that the Canadian eTA is electronically linked to the passport used during the application process and is valid for five years or until the Israeli citizen’s passport expires. This is a multiple entry visa waiver and can be used for any number of trips within a 5-year period. The maximum duration of each trip is 6 months. Travelers wishing to travel to Canada for other reasons such as study or work should contact the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate for more information. This visa waiver system allows citizens of Israel and some other countries to easily obtain travel authorization without having to visit a Canadian embassy or consulate. The candidate just needs to access the online eTA application form from a mobile device. The application process takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Requirements of Canada Visa for Israeli citizens

  • A valid travel document or passport in order to apply for Canada eTA.

  • A valid credit or debit card or PayPal account to pay for the Canada eTA.

  • A valid email address, to receive the Canada eTA in their Inbox.

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