Press ReleaseAIESEC in Delhi IIT ignites Youth Leadership with “Educate,...

AIESEC in Delhi IIT ignites Youth Leadership with “Educate, Empower, Equalize” at Youth Speak Forum 24

New Delhi, India, 17th April 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, With a fervent dedication to nurturing the leadership potential of India’s youth, AIESEC in Delhi IIT proudly launched its esteemed event, ‘YOUTH SPEAK FORUM,’ held at Dogra Hall, IIT Delhi on April 7th, 2024 in association with the Office of Academic outreach & New initiatives at IIT Delhi.

Youth Speak Forum stands as a beacon of empowerment, an initiative by AIESEC, a globally recognized non-profit organisation driven by youth, aimed at fostering responsible leadership and providing international opportunities for young individuals. AIESEC in IIT Delhi, as part of this global movement, offers a plethora of international experiences spanning across 108+ countries.

The essence of YSF lies in its ability to convene young minds from diverse backgrounds, providing a platform for them to articulate their perspectives and ideas on pressing global issues that profoundly impact both them and their communities.

Under the overarching theme of ‘Educate, Empower, Equalise,’ this year’s forum was dedicated to the exploration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.

The event commenced with an inspiring inaugural ceremony graced by notable personalities such as Mr. Vineet Gupta, Board of Advisory for AIESEC in Delhi IIT and Founder of Ashoka University, who shared invaluable insights on leadership and the role of youth. Joining him was Mr. Jitendra Das, Director General for FORE Group, shedding light on organisational research and education. Ms. Shelly Oberoi, Mayor and MCD of Delhi NCR, emphasised the paramount importance of quality education for today’s youth. Additionally, a warm welcome was extended by Professor Soumik from the Office of Dean of Academic Outreach & New Initiatives at IIT Delhi, marking the beginning of an enriching journey for the attendees.

The heads of the event, Pranjali Joshi (Vice President of Finances and Outgoing Corporate Exchanges) & Arhan Sayyed (Vice President of Business Development & External Relations) along with the Organizing Core Committee headed by Arush Ramachandaran, invited keynote speakers on the stage to empower the crowd with their words. 

The event featured distinguished keynote speakers who imparted valuable knowledge and skills to the participants. Ms. Himanshi Singh,Educational Influencer & Founder of Let’s Learn,conducted an enriching session on Personal Branding, Communication Skills, and CV Building, empowering attendees to harness their potential. Mr. Pushkar Raj Thakur,Guinesss Book Word Record Holder & Business Coach who delved into the intricacies of the stock market and trading, offering valuable insights into financial literacy.

Furthermore, the forum provided a platform for industry leaders such as Ms. Kavita Dasan, Vice President – Talent Management for Suzlon, to share insights into sustainable energy and career opportunities at Suzlon for aspiring young minds.

Sessions on international internship opportunities facilitated by AIESEC were also conducted, highlighting avenues for global engagement and professional growth.To apply for international internships,please visit

The forum also witnessed engaging sessions led by experts in various fields, including Mr. Shubhankar Mishra on journalism, Ms. Mitali Nikore on gender equality, and Mr. Nitin Joshi on content creation strategies.

A pivotal aspect of the event was the panel discussion on gender equality, featuring esteemed panellists like Ms Ishita Mangal, a fashion influencer, and Ms Shruti Kapoor, project lead for UNICEF Yuva. The discussion centred on professional growth opportunities for women and gender minorities across social, industrial, and creative landscapes. The culminating cultural ceremony of the event featured the talented artist Ashish Singh, the Director of Music Club of IIT Delhi.

Gratitude was extended to the esteemed partners and sponsors whose unwavering support played a crucial role in making the forum a resounding success. The event was conducted in collaboration with Suzlon Energy Limited, an Indian multinational wind turbine manufacturer. Doms, as the stationery partner, facilitated stationery kits for the delegates. 

Suez, as the official sustainability partner, showcased its commitment to environmental stewardship by providing innovative solutions for water and waste management. Graphic Pulse, the printing partner, contributed to the seamless execution of the event through their high-quality printing services.

Moreover, certifications and affiliations from renowned institutions further solidified the credibility and impact of the event. The partnership with the Office of Dean of Academic Outreach and New Initiatives at IIT Delhi underscored the institutional support for initiatives promoting youth empowerment and leadership development. Additionally, certifications from esteemed organisations such as International Youth Council And UNICEF added prestige and recognition to the Youth Speak Forum, enhancing its value proposition for participants and stakeholders alike.

In conclusion, the Youth Speak Forum served as a testament to the power of youth in driving positive change and fostering inclusive development. As attendees departed with newfound knowledge, skills, and inspiration, they carried forth the torch of leadership, poised to make a meaningful impact in their communities and beyond!

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