Press ReleaseSaudi Visa Document Requirements For US Citizens

Saudi Visa Document Requirements For US Citizens


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NEOM Visa, the visionary city of Saudi Arabia NEOM, embodies innovation, sustainability, and luxury along the Red Sea coastline. NEOM, the Kingdom’s main project, seeks to transform the idea of city living and challenge the limits of advancement. It is crucial for travelers wishing to discover this innovative location to have a good grasp of the NEOM Visa procedures. Understanding the visa application requirements, visa categories, eligibility criteria, documentation essentials, and travel guidelines is essential for those wanting to explore the wonders of NEOM. This extensive manual is designed to offer valuable advice and practical suggestions for travelers looking to obtain a NEOM Visa for a journey into Saudi Arabia’s future. Summary of the Different Types of Visas Available for Visiting NEOM, which Visitors can Select Based on Their Intended Purposes. Some of the categories available are the Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Research Visa, and Innovation Visa for different purposes like leisure travel, commercial activities, academic and research purposes, and participation in innovative projects in NEOM. It is crucial for travelers to comprehend the specific characteristics and prerequisites of each visa type when seeking to explore NEOM’s one-of-a-kind attractions. The process of applying for a NEOM Visa usually includes filling out an online application form, collecting necessary documents, and meeting the eligibility requirements. Travelers are required to make sure that all details provided in the visa application are correct and current in order to make the processing experience easier. Travelers wanting a NEOM Visa must adhere to the eligibility requirements set by NEOM authorities. Typical criteria might consist of having a current passport with a certain amount of remaining validity, proving a legitimate reason for visiting, showing evidence of lodging in NEOM, demonstrating the ability to afford travel costs, and meeting health and safety requirements.


  • A passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of entry in Saudi Arabia.

  • Providing a current email address at which to receive the Saudi Arabia visa online.

  • Paying the Saudi eVisa fee with a valid debit or credit card.


Foreign business travelers have the option to enter Saudi Arabia by obtaining an eVisa. The Saudi Arabia Business Visa is perfect for individuals who intend to visit for business purposes like attending meetings, conferences, and other related activities. It is usable for entering Saudi Arabia once or multiple times. The duration of your visit to Saudi Arabia depends on whether your visa permits multiple or single entries. If your Saudi Arabia Business Visa allows only one entry, you have the option to remain in the country for a maximum of 90 days. If you visit Saudi Arabia several times, you are allowed to remain for a combined duration of 180 days. A business visa that allows multiple entries can be valid for periods of six months, one year, two years, or five years, but each trip must not exceed 90 days. To apply for a Saudi Business Visa, simply fill out a brief online application, and you will receive your Saudi Arabia eVisa via email. The processing time could vary. However, depending on when the application is submitted, the average processing time for a Saudi business visa can be up to 10 working days.


  • A passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of entry in Saudi Arabia.

  • Providing a current email address at which to receive the Saudi Arabia visa online.

  • Paying the Saudi eVisa fee with a valid debit or credit card.

  • A letter of invitation from the sponsor company in Saudi Arabia, approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • A letter from your employer, confirming your employment and upcoming trip.


Since September 2019, Saudi Arabia has been allowing visitors from around the globe to enter the country through its e-visa program. The Saudi Arabian government currently allows citizens from fifty nations, including the United States, to apply for electronic visas. In 2019, the Saudi government introduced the tourist eVisa for Saudi Arabia in order to streamline the visa application procedure and encourage international tourism in the nation. The e-Visa for Saudi Tourists is appropriate for leisure trips, visiting relatives, attending events, and undertaking Umrah journeys. The online visa for Saudi Arabia allows for multiple entries. This implies that you can utilize it for numerous journeys throughout the country. It allows for a total stay of 90 days during its one-year validity. The Saudi visa online is valid for one year from the date of issue. It is the quickest and easiest way to obtain permission to visit Saudi Arabia. Simply fill out a short online Saudi visa application and you will receive your eVisa via email.


  • A passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of entry in Saudi Arabia.

  • Providing a current email address at which to receive the Saudi Arabia visa online.

  • Paying the Saudi eVisa fee with a valid debit or credit card.

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