Press ReleaseZeebu Announces 2nd Scheduled Token Burn Event – May...

Zeebu Announces 2nd Scheduled Token Burn Event – May 2024

Dubai, UAE, 2nd May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, ZEEBU is pleased to announce the upcoming ZBU Token Burn Event, an integral part of its strategy to ensure the continuous effectiveness of ZBU as a trusted means of payment within the ZEEBU ecosystem. This event signifies ZEEBU’s dedication to a thriving token ecosystem by ensuring tokens are removed from circulation upon serving their utility within the platform. This fosters a balanced flow, promoting the continued growth and efficiency of the ZEEBU ecosystem.

Event Details: 

  • Event Date: 3rd May 2024 
  • Projected Burn Amount: To be announced  

Background and First Burn Recap: 

The first token burn in February 2024 marked a significant milestone for ZEEBU, removing 236,863,773.8 ZBU tokens from circulation—more than 4.7% of the total supply. This action was a critical step in ZEEBU’s ongoing efforts to augment the utility of ZBU tokens. The company aims to foster a sustainable ecosystem where each token is consumed for its intended use, maintaining a balanced and efficient flow within the platform. Further details on the first burn can be found in ZEEBU’s February 2024 token burn update

Purpose of Token Burning: 

The primary goal of token burning is to manage the total supply of tokens effectively, thereby ensuring the robustness and reliability of ZBU as a settlement mechanism within the telecom sector. This process is aimed at strengthening the utility and reliability of the ZBU token within the ZEEBU ecosystem.  

ZBU Phoenix Protocol – Enhancing Systematic Stability: 

The ZBU Phoenix Protocol, integral to ZEEBU’s tokenomics model, automates the token burn process. It systematically adjusts the quantity of tokens to be burned each quarter based on detailed analysis of token consumption during the quarter and rate. This protocol exemplifies ZEEBU’s dedication to a disciplined and methodical approach to supply management.

Looking Ahead: 

The upcoming burn event will be managed with the utmost precision and governance, reflecting ZEEBU’s commitment to transparency and responsible management. The company aims to provide its community with clear and timely updates throughout this process.

Participation and Transparency: 

ZEEBU encourages its community to stay informed about this event through its official communication channels. Details of the burn transaction will be fully accessible and verifiable on blockchain explorers, ensuring transparency.


This token burn event is part of ZEEBU’s broader strategy to maintain the effectiveness of the ZBU token. The company is committed to taking thoughtful actions that support the long-term stability and functional integrity of its token.

Mark your calendars and stay connected with us for more details on the event.  

For ongoing updates and more information about ZEEBU and the ZBU token, visit the website

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